Tesla Model 3 coming to Gran Turismo 7 in future update

With just one week until launch, Sony’s promotional campaign for Gran Turismo 7 is shifting into high gear.

Yesterday, we were treated to a new video showcasing the challenging Willow Springs circuit in GT7. In the video, YouTuber Super GT takes the Tesla Model S Performance for a spin, providing tips on how to tackle the US circuit in the game. However, the video confirms that another Tesla car is coming to GT7.

Tesla Model 3 coming to Gran Turismo 7

The Tesla Model S Performance made its GT debut in Gran Turismo 6 and also appeared in Gran Turismo Sport. As the video shows, the electric performance saloon is returning in GT7.

In the video, professional Dai Yoshihara gives us a tour of Willow Springs in his Tesla Model 3 race car to show how the real-life circuit compares to its real-life counterpart.

According to the video, the Model 3 is “not available in Gran Turismo 7” but will be “provided in a future update.” This will be the first time the Model 3 has ever been featured in a Gran Turismo game.

Gran Turismo 7 Tesla Model 3 time attack car
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Is Dai Yoshihara's Tesla Model 3 time attack car coming to GT7?

“Tesla Model 3 not available in Gran Turismo 7. To be provided in a future update.” While it’s not clear which version of the Model 3 the update will add, its appearance in the video suggests we will get to drive Yoshihara’s Model 3 time attack car that entered last year's Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  

Given that the Model S Performance is in GT7, the Model 3 road car could also be added in a future update. Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeframe 3 yet.


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