Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Teases “Special Announcement” This Week

A yellow Ford mustang parked in front of a building in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

A yellow Ford mustang parked in front of a building in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

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Brace yourselves Test Drive fans, because Nacon is teasing a “special announcement” for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown this week.

A post on the official TDUSC social media page teases a “major milestone is about to be reached” for KT Racing’s long-delayed open-world racer, with an accompanying timer counting down to Thursday, May 30 at 10am CEST / 9am BST.

This coincides with Bigben Week, an event hosted by Nacon’s parent company Bigben Group in Paris showcasing new games and hardware from May 27 - 30.

New cars teased for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

In the lead-up to the “special announcement,” fans are invited to play a series of interactive missions hosted by Solar Crown organiser Vivian Hughes on the new TDUSC Origins website.

Solving clues in each of the five missions reveals a new car displayed in an interactive garage. These are a staple of the series, allowing you to walk around and admire your exquisite car collection.

A row of cars parked in a garage in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown
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Garages were part of houses players could buy and own in the first two TDU games. However, KT Racing has confirmed buyable houses won’t feature in Solar Crown at launch and will instead be added in a post-launch update.

Completing the first mission unlocks the Maserati MC20, with more cars to be shown throughout the week in subsequent missions.

Judging from their shapes, the other cars hiding under covers in the garage look like a Range Rover, Nissan GT-R, Lykan Hypersport, Chevrolet Camaro, Audi R8, and Aston Martin Vanquish.

Will Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown finally get a release date?

Fans are hoping the mystery announcement will finally confirm the long-awaited release date. First announced in 2020, TDUSC was initially set for a September 2022 launch.

Four years later, we still don't have a firm release date after multiple delays, and fans are becoming increasingly impatient. A financial earnings report suggesting it will be released before the end of March this year got fan's hopes up, only for the game to be delayed again until an unspecified date in 2024.

Addressing the lack of a release date earlier this year, KT Racing said it needs to "take the time needed" to ensure that everyone's experience is "as smooth, stable and fun as can be."

A green porsche taycan driving down a dirt road in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.
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Given the hype Nacon is building for the reveal, a release date announcement seems highly likely. This means we should find out if TDUSC is still on track for 2024 or has slipped into 2025 later this week.

Nacon hasn't shown any new footage since February when The Explorer trailer showcased off-road cruising during Nacon Connect 2024, so there's a good chance we'll get a new trailer alongside the announcement too.

Are you hoping for a Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown release date announcement this week? Rev your engines in the comments below.

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