Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Release Date: When can we play the game?

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For those excited to get hands-on with the next instalment in the Test Drive Unlimited series, there is one main question: what is the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown release date?

So, we're here to give you the lowdown on what we know so far about TDU Solar Crown's release date!

Latest news - Dealerships and car customisation detailed

We still don't know the release date, but TDUSC finally feels like it's getting closer.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown car customisation

In the first in a series of monthly newsletters, KT Racing has lifted the bonnet on TDUSC, revealing new screenshots and info about dealerships and car customisation.

Together We Drive trailer

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown made an appearance at Nacon Connect with the new "Together We Drive" trailer. While the latest trailer showcased TDUSC's 1:1 scale recreation of Hong Kong in-game for the first time, not much gameplay was shown.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown delayed until 2023

Originally slated for a September 2022 release, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown has been delayed until 2023. The extra development time will make TDUSC the “most polished gaming experience in the franchise.”

While TDUSC was originally going to be released on all platforms, it's no longer in development for PS4 and Xbox One. Cancelling the last-gen versions will enable Kylotonn to “make the most of the technology in the latest consoles and maximising the overall quality of the game.”

Release date

The release date for the Test Drive Unlimited game is unknown. It was originally going to release on 22 September 2022, but has been delayed until 2023. A specific release date is yet to be confirmed.


We're not too mad about this delay, as we've seen the trailers, and we're incredibly excited to see what happens when the game does release.


We're sure the game will follow the tried and tested, and massively unique, gameplay style of previous Test Drive games.


However, we haven't seen any gameplay just yet, as we've only had cinematic trailers to base our opinions on the game.

We know the game will be set in a 1-to-1 scale real-life environment so expect the gameplay to be tailored to this. As soon as we know what the gameplay is like, we'll let you know.


Speaking of trailers, here we have the cinematic trailer, which is one of just a few that we now have to watch. It showcases a number of luxury vehicles as well as a couple of teasers as to the setting.

This particular one seems to showcase the head-to-head mode which is coming in the game.

The other trailer also shows that that casino is making a return, with the ability to be able to race for pink slips coming back.