Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Release Date: What we know so far

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown release date when is TDUSC coming out

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown release date when is TDUSC coming out

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Hype is ramping up around the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown release date. The franchise returns after more than a decade away, and one of the original open-world racers could once again define the genre.

After multiple delays and pushes, Nacon has finally released the first-ever gameplay footage of TDUSC. With it came confirmation of a new release window.

We've got the lowdown on everything we know so far about the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown release date.

Latest news - New Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer narrows release window

Nacon Connect 2024 has brought a new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer, as well as narrowing down the release window of the game.

The new trailer, The Explorer, shows off the off-road driving available in the game. A Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo is seen blasting through the jungles of Hong Kong Island, with other players racing by.

Check out the new The Explorer trailer below:

Although no release date was revealed, the description of the trailer confirms a 2024 release. We may still have to wait until the summer to go driving around Hong Kong, but at least we know it'll be this year.

Hong Kong Island deep dive

From narrow town streets to wide open highways where you can maximise speed to winding off-road mountain trails, Hong Kong is set to be a brilliant location to explore.

In a recent newsletter update, KT Racing shared visual updates on the map we will all be racing around soon. Hong Kong Island's 370 square-mile landscape is being recreated at 1:1 scale, but it won't be an exact replica.

TDU Solar Crown water
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“To emphasise the fast and smooth driving, for example, the very dense urban network of HKI needed some small adjustments because of certain little streets that were very (too?) narrow,” creative director Alain Jarniou explained.

“Conversely, some light redesign was done to the major thoroughfares to make them more fun and adapted to very fast cars, while respecting the identity of Hong Kong Island.”

Dealerships and car customisation detailed

We still don't know the release date, but TDUSC finally feels like it's getting closer.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown car customisation
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In the first in a series of monthly newsletters, KT Racing has lifted the bonnet on TDUSC, revealing new screenshots and info about dealerships and car customisation.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown release date

The release date for TDUSC is still unknown. Originally set for a 22 September 2022 release, the open-world racer has suffered multiple delays and is currently slated for an early 2024 release. However, Nacon's latest financial report may give us a better idea of TDUSC's release date.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown dealership screenshot Porsche 918 Spyder
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Nacon's latest financial document lists TDUSC with a Q4 2023 FY release window ending 31 March 2024. However, with no release window confirmed in the latst trailer, est Drive Unlimited Solar Crown has seemingly been delayed until later this year.

As for platforms, KT Racing has confirmed TDUSC is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. With the PS4 and Xbox One versions cancelled, TDUSC is a current-gen-only title.

Curiously, Switch is no longer listed as a platform, so it appears TDUSC is no longer arriving on Nintendo's hybrid console.

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