Twisted Metal reboot might support PSVR 2

PlayStation VR 2’s launch is just one week away. But while Gran Turismo 7 is getting VR support on day one, there’s a disappointing lack of PSVR 2 racing games in the launch lineup.

More could be coming in the future though, as a new job listing suggests the long-rumoured Twisted Metal reboot will support PSVR 2.

Twisted Metal reboot rumoured to PSVR 2

A Twisted Metal reboot has been rumoured for a long time now. Originally, Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games was rumoured to be working on the project before it was reportedly taken over by Firesprite Games, a Liverpool-based studio made up of former Studio Liverpool developers who worked on the WipEout series.

Twisted Metal PSVR 2
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Given that Firesprite Games developed the PSVR-exclusive title The Persistence and is co-developing Horizon Call of the Mountain with Guerrilla Games for PSVR 2, it seems likely the Twisted Metal reboot will support VR. Now, a new Firesprite job listing spotted on the ResetEra forum seemingly confirms this.

A Principal Physics Programmer job advert for a “multiplayer action game” notes that "experience developing gameplay for VR would be useful," suggesting that Twisted Metal will support PSVR 2.

The job advert also confirms the game is being built with Unreal Engine 5 and will "break new ground in multiplayer, blending gameplay mechanics in new ways and deeply embedding storytelling elements into a unique universe."

A first for Twisted Metal

Another Principal Designer job advert suggests the Twisted Metal reboot will blend vehicular and on-foot combat.

“This bold project aims to break new ground, blending genre transcending gameplay mechanics around vehicular and on-foot combat and deeply embedding them into a unique gameplay environment as part of a unique and vibrant universe,” the job listing says.

Twisted Metal PSVR 2
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On-foot combat featured heavily in Destruction AllStars, but the ability to exit vehicles and continue fighting enemies on foot will be a first for Twisted Metal.

Another job listing requires “knowledge of range of game services such as Steam and PSN back ends,” implying the Twisted Metal reboot will come to PC as well as PS5. If so, it would join other PC ports of first-party PlayStation games such as Uncharted and God of War.

There has also been speculation of a Gran Turismo PC port, but series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has downplayed these rumours.

With the live-action TV show also seemingly airing this year, it looks like Twisted Metal is about to make a comeback after a long hiatus.

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