Ubisoft teases The Crew 3 reveal, new Motorfest IP rumoured

Ubisoft teases The Crew 3 reveal, new Motorfest IP rumoured

Ubisoft teases The Crew 3 reveal, new Motorfest IP rumoured

Just when you think it’s going to be a quiet week in the world of racing games, Ubisoft teases an imminent reveal for The Crew 3.

Ubisoft teases The Crew 3 reveal

Five years on, The Crew 2 has retained a solid fanbase thanks to Ivory Tower’s excellent post-release support. But the time has come for a sequel.

The Crew 3 has been rumoured for a long time, and it now appears we’re getting a first look at Ubisoft’s new open-world racer later today.

Responding to content creators asking about The Crew 3, the official Twitter account for The Crew 2 teased: “Tomorrow. 5PM UTC/9AM PST.”

It seems, then, that The Crew 3 will be officially revealed later today, seemingly confirming rumours of a reveal this week.

New Motorfest IP rumoured

According to rumours, The Crew 3 was known internally as Project Orlando and originally planned as DLC for The Crew 2 before being rebranded as Motorfest or The Crew Motorfest.

Ubisoft reportedly sees Motorfest as a new racing IP to rival Forza Horizon.

The Crew 3
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Last week, an image leaked from a datamine appeared to show a logo for The Crew Motorfest taken from Ubisoft’s Insider Program, but has since been deleted.

According to rumours, Motorfest will ditch The Crew’s US map in favour of a new open-world set on the island of Oahu in Hawaii – a fitting location considering that developer Ivory Tower was founded by former Test Drive Unlimited developers.

It remains to be seen if boats and planes from The Crew 2 will return, though. 

The Crew 3 reveal time

Ubisoft has teased that The Crew Motorfest will be revealed today at 5pm GMT/ 5pm UTC / 9am UST.

It's not yet known where the reveal will take place or what we can expect.

The Crew 3
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A reveal trailer and possibly some gameplay footage will likely be shown on Ubisoft's social media pages and YouTube channels, although past reveal trailers for The Crew games have been entirely CGI.

Motorfest is rumoured to arrive in Ubisoft’s FY24 between April 2023 and March 2024, but we’ll hopefully find out the release date later today.

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