WRC Generations revealed with new hybrid Rally1 cars

WRC games are traditionally announced in April and released in September. It’s now the middle of May, which left us wondering when WRC 11 was going to be announced. Now, Kylotonn Games and Nacon have finally broken the silence.

Kylotonn’s final officially-licensed WRC game has a new name: WRC Generations.

New hybrid rally cars

WRC Generations will feature all the official content from the 2022 Season. This includes the brand new hybrid Rally1 cars that debuted in the real-world 2022 World Rally Championship.

Compared to last year's cars, the new hybrid Rally1 cars are significantly more powerful and will also boast updated physics and "overhauled sound design."

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Historical cars

As well as the brand new 2022 hybrid Rally1 cars, WRC Generations features more historical rally cars than ever before.

In total, WRC Generations will have 37 legendary rally cars spanning multiple eras. WRC cars from previous games will also carry over.

New locations

In addition to the 13 rallies of the 2022 WRC season, which includes the return of Rally New Zealand, WRC Generations includes an additional nine extra locations.

In a "record for the genre," that brings the total to 22 different countries and 165 Special Stages, making WRC Generations the "most complete WRC game yet."

WRC Generations historical cars
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As well as the new 2022 hybrid Rally1 cars, WRC Generations will feature 37 historical cars.

A brand-new Rally Sweden environment will also feature in WRC Generations as the only snow-covered rally stage.

New League mode

New to WRC 11 is an online League mode that lets players compete with each other in the same category in daily and weekly challenges.

Like in WRC 10, the career mode lets players create their own team and manage every aspect. The improved career mode introduces a "new way to manage hybrid-powered cars" in the skill tree.

WRC Generations announcement
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WRC Generations will be Kylotonn's final WRC game after seven years.

WRC 10's Livery Editor also returns, but this time designs can be shared with other players online in WRC Generations.

In addition, players can experience training races in split-screen or online multiplayer, or help navigate in Co-driver mode.

Release date

WRC Generations will release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on 13 October. This is later than previous WRC games - WRC 10 released in early September last year.

The PC and Nintendo Switch versions will launch later, with dates to be confirmed. Since the Switch version of WRC 10 released in March six months after other formats, the Switch version will likely launch in early 2023.

WRC Generations is looking like a great send-off for Kylotonn's WRC game series. After seven years starting with WRC 5, this will be Kylotonn's seventh and final WRC game.

After WRC Generations, future WRC games will be developed by Codemasters, with the first expected to arrive in 2023.

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