WRC Generations Xbox: What the Series X version will bring to the table

WRC Generariona Xbox

WRC Generariona Xbox

Racing around the world in WRC Generations on Xbox never gets old. One of the best games to race on is the WRC series, which now has another instalment this year, WRC Generations.

The official video game of the 2022 World Rally Championship season is all set to launch later this year.

WRC Generations Xbox

WRC 10 was released on the Xbox Series X, and didn't change for Generations. The next-gen Xbox system will be got the WRC treatment again this year.

LOOKING AMAZING IN HD: WRC Generations will be available on Series X
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LOOKING AMAZING IN HD: WRC Generations will be available on Series X

The Series X | S version of WRC is able to run in full 4K resolution and 60 fps. While the haptic feedback on the Series X controller isn't on the same level as the PS5, it does change how we race on different surfaces.

Rally Sweden and Rally Japan shown in gameplay videos

Following the announcement and Hybrid Cars trailers, Kylotonn has released two raw gameplay videos with professional rally drivers Oliver Solberg and Takamoto Katsuta taking the new Rally1 hybrid cars for a spin.

This is our first look at what WRC Generations looks like in-game, showcasing the improved visuals, stage designs, and driving physics.

Hybrid Cars trailer released

After WRC Generations was announced in May, a new trailer was revealed at Nacon Connect showing the new Rally1 hybrid cars in action for the first time while showing how the hybrid powertrains will create new strategies to maximise performance.

Is Generations also on Xbox One?

Now we have the million-pound question, is WRC Generations available on both old and next-gen consoles? Well, thankfully, in the case of the Xbox, yes, as the One also has Generations.

WRC Generations Release Date

As for the release date. WRC Generations bucked the trend as it released slightly later than past games on 3 November.

It was originally set for an October release but was delayed to allow for extra polish time. Pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition also gave you two days early access.

SLOWLY DRIFTING: WRC Generations is on the way
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SLOWLY DRIFTING: WRC Generations is on the way

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