WRC Generations Trailer: Hybrid Cars trailer released

WRC Generations Trailer

WRC Generations Trailer

WRC Generations is out now, but the trailers are still available to watch! If you haven't picked the game up yet though, the WRC Generations trailers gives you a window into the excitement you can expect.

Kylotonn are definitely going out on a high with Generations and we've got every trailer for the game right here!

WRC Generations Launch Trailer

One final trailer was uploaded to Nacon's YouTube channel to go alongside the launch day of WRC Generations. This high-octane showcase takes us to some of the best-looking vistas in the 2022 World Rally Championship season.

We've linked the reveal trailer below for you to take a look at:

Gameplay videos showcase Rally Sweden and Rally Japan

The trailers had got us excited for WRC Generations, but they were no substitute for actual gameplay. Thankfully, Kylotonn released two official gameplay videos showcasing Rally Japan and Rally Sweden.

In the gameplay videos, we get to see WRC drivers get behind the wheel of the Rally1 hybrid cars and give their feedback on the updated car handling. Judging from their impressions, the Rally1 cars will be more challenging but rewarding to drive.

Hybrid Cars trailer shows Rally1 cars in action

WRC Generations will feature the new Rally1 hybrid cars. Debuting in the 2022 WRC season, the new Rally1 cars boast hybrid powertrains providing more torque and up to 30% more power than in WRC 10.

Following the announcement trailer, a new trailer shown at Nacon Connect gave us a first look at WRC Generations' new Rally1 hybrid cars in action. These new cars also add an element of strategy, as you'll need to choose the right engine mapping and electric boost to maximise performance in stages.

Announcement trailer and analysis

The announcement trailer is only 49 seconds long, but we saw and learned a lot about the game off the start line:

We start in the woods of Scandinavia, where the snowy Rally Sweden is taking place. When then get a quick look at another rally, possibly the Safari Rally in the Savannah of Africa.

Despite the name change, Generations will feature all of the content for the 2022 season. A quick shot of a Ford Rally1 car being revealed is then shown, as are some more landscapes of Sweden's new environment.

WRC Generations Ford Puma Rally1 car
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The new Rally1 hybrid cars will provide a new challenge in WRC Generations.

The action shots are a mix of live action and virtual reality and it's honestly hard to tell which is which at times. Multiplayer mode will get a revamp thanks to a new league system.

This is also the first Rally game that will feature the new hybrid Rally1 cars. There will be a huge 37 historical rally cars to race as well.

Consoles and Release Date

Right at the end of the trailer, we get a still that shows us that WRC Generations is going to be released on multiple consoles. These include Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Those on gaming PCs have Generations available, as well as the old-gen systems of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Lastly, Switch will get WRC Generations next month.

WRC Generations Trailer
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LET IT SNOW: Rally Sweden was at the centre of the trailer

WRC Generations was released worldwide on 3 November 2022 on consoles and PC. Nintendo Switch will get WRC Generations on 19th December.

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