New WRC Generations trailer shows off Rally1 hybrid cars

It’s the end of an era for the WRC game series. Launching in October, WRC Generations will be the last official WRC game from Kylotonn before Codemasters takes over the license.

Following May's reveal, a new WRC Generations trailer was shown during the Nacon Connect presentation, giving us a first look at the new Rally1 hybrid rally cars in game.

Watch the new WRC Generations Hybrid Cars trailer

While the announcements trailer combined in-game footage of the new Sweden stages mixed with live action footage of the cars, the new trailer finally shows the Rally1 hybrid cars in action in WRC Generations.

WRC Generations’ new Rally1 boast hybrid powertrains and are more powerful and efficient than last year’s cars.  

These hybrid powertrains offer greater engine torque, delivering up to 100 hp of extra power. Before each stage, you’ll also need strategies how to optimise the electrical power and battery management to get the best performance in each stage.

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During Nacon Connect, Kylotonn confirmed that “most” countries from past WRC games will return, bringing the total to more than 20 countries including the new relocated Rally Sweden. All 13 official 2022 stages will be represented, with a total of 165 stages and the largest roster of classic rally cars yet.

Also new to WRC Generations is an online league mode matching players with similar skills. 

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Release date

WRC Generations launches on 13 October for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

WRC Generations wasn't the only racing game in development by Kylotonn shown at Nacon - a new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer was also shown during the presentation.

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