Wreckfest Solo Tournament update bring back classic challenges

Bugbear has been keeping players coming back to Wreckfest with new Tournament challenges and rewards. While previous Tournaments rotated with online leaderboards, BugBear is introducing new Solo Tournaments to give players a chance to retry classic challenges.

Solo Tournament update

Solo Tournaments give players a better chance to earn tournament points and claim rewards. The previous leaderboard-based challenges are replaced with new solo challenges that challenge players to beat the best scores set by the developers.

Effectively, this means you can complete tournament challenges at your own pace, earning fame points to spend in the tournament shop. In theory, rewards should be easier to unlock without any online competition if you can beat the developer’s best scores.

Weekly Challenge: Demolition Race

Wreckfest Solo Tournament Demolition Race
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The first Solo Tournament Weekly Challenge features a Demolition Race with the Grand Duke at the Wrecknado circuit. Simply smash into opponents during the race to score as many points as you can. Scoring 190,000 points will earn you a Gold trophy.

Season Challenge: Road Rage

Wreckfest Solo Tournament Demolition Race
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There’s also a new Season Challenge Road Rage event lasting two weeks. This event puts you behind the wheel of the Doom Rig truck driving in the wrong direction, with the aim to wreck as many cars as possible in the time limit. You’ll need to score 575,000 points to earn a Gold trophy in this event.

Daily Challenges

The Daily Challenges include a Folk Race at Pinehills Raceway with the Hammerhead, a Rampage Rush at Big Valley Speedway with the Bugzilla, and a Score Streak at Thunderbowl with the Hammerhead. If you missed out before or have been saving your Fame Points, all rewards from previous Tournaments are available at the Tournament Store.

Wreckfest Solo Tournament Store
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Given that the Tournament events and rewards are recycled and there hasn’t been any new content in Wreckfest for a long time, we can’t help but wonder if Bugbear is quietly working on another project – Wreckfest 2, anyone?

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