EA's takeover of Codies could mean more games for racing fans!

As we all know by now, our beloved Codemasters will soon be a part of EA, thanks to huge $1.2 billion deal.

We're rather hesitant about the purchase, as EA is known for introducing in-game purchases and loot packs.

However, there is the possibility of there being some positives from this situation. One of these is more games, let's take a look at that possibility now!

EA tells all

Following the plan to acquire Codemasters for a huge fee, EA has since been rather quiet. However, they have started to share slightly more info recently.

wrc 9 next gen
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WRC: The Rallying game is now a Codemasters product!

In their Q3 earnings call, EA first mentioned this acquisition, as well as what it could mean for us. Excitingly, it is also mentioned that this will “enable EA to release new racing experiences annually".

As fans of racing games, a wider variety is never a bad thing. And with the inevitably increased budget and larger staff provided by EA, these games won't have to be rushed out either.

Games galore

Codemasters already release Formula One games annually, so naturally, we can expect that trend to continue.

Belgium Wet TN
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F1 2021: Naturally, Codemasters will continue to make the Formula One games!

Titles like Need for Speed, however, may start to receive more attention, and more releases. For fans of the franchise, that can only be good news! The same can be said for Grid or DIRT, which may now get yearly games.

Codemasters has also recently acquired the rights to the FIA World Rally Championship, which could become another, more frequently released title.

New ways to race

The use of new in the sentence could imply even more than simply "the same games, but more frequently".

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INDYCAR: COuld the series receive a dedicated title?

So, with many racing series still lacking a dedicated game, there is huge scope for new IPs to be produced from this partnership.

For example, IndyCar is yet to have a good series dedicated to the single seater mayhem, and we also don't have a good getaway driver game.

So, not only could this new acquisition mean more frequent games for existing titles, as well as new games for us to enjoy!

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