IndyCar: It's time we had an official game for the single-seater series

IndyCar is one of the biggest and fastest racing series out there. The American open wheel series is hugely popular, so it's a surprise when you realise there's no official video game for it.

With the dawn of the new age of consoles well and truly here, we believe that now is a better time than any to revitalise the series.

The most recent IndyCar game

Incredibly, you have to go back all the way to 2004 for the most recent officially licensed IndyCar game. IndyCar Series 2005 was released on the PS2 and original Xbox and was strangely based on the 2003 season.

IndyCar Serirs 2005 PS2
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POWER! IndyCar sees some incredible average speeds around its ovals

And who developed and published this game? None other than Codemasters. Codies these days are well-known for their Formula 1 series as well as titles like DIRT and GRID.

Since IndyCar Series 2005's release, there hasn't been another official IndyCar game. The only way to experience IndyCar racing in serious sim racers like iRacing and rFactor 2, but there are very limited options for console, and none if you want to race a full championship.

IndyCars have made appearances in sim racers like Forza, but nothing close to an official game.

Why we need an IndyCar game

Top-level motorsport series such as WRC, MotoGP, and F1 all have official video games that are released every year. IndyCar shouldn't be omitted from this, as it's a hugely entertaining sport.

IndyCar Forza Indianapolis
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GOOD, BUT NOT OFFICIAL: IndyCars are available to race in other racing games, not the full championship

IndyCar is most famous for its Indy 500 race, held at the world-famous Indianapolis Speedway. Those that have raced around the Brickyard in games like Gran Turismo will know it's more than just an oval.

There is a huge amount of skill and precision required to round 200 laps of a circuit at over 200 mph average speed without crashing. This goes for the series' other ovals too, like Texas Motor Speedway and Iowa.

IndyCar also races around more conventional circuits too, such as Road America and St. Petersburg, Florida.

IndyCars are like F1 cars but lack a lot of the downforce that GP cars have. This means that they're a lot more tail-happy and a real handful to drive. Sideways moments are very common and it's absolutely glorious.

Will it happen?

Nothing official has come out about a developer purchasing the licence for the IndyCar series. In 2020, there were virtual races on iRacing, and this showed how fun these cars are to drive in a sim.

IndyCar Virtual races
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CLOSEST WE'VE COME: The 2020 IndyCar Virtual Races is the closest we've seen to an official game

Perhaps this will show video game developers how much of an untapped market IndyCar is. Time will tell on this one, though.

With Codemasters currently considering a bid from EA, the future could be bright for IndyCar games. EA have vast financial resources and Codies have the proven quality to make great games.

An official IndyCar game developed by Codemasters and distributed by EA seems a very real possibility. If Codies aren't taken over though, it's doubtful they'll opt for IndyCar, but another developer could still step in.

This is especially likely when you consider how big the IndyCar fanbase is. Millions tune in for each race and it's far more than Americans that do so, as there's a growing audience in the UK and Europe.

When you also consider that the grid is looking far more international these days, IndyCar could be starting to go through a renaissance. Official merchandise such as a video game could be the cherry on top of the cake.

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