Rocket League Season 7 out now: New Limited Time Modes, Patch notes, Rocket Pass, Tournament Rewards & more

Since it was released in 2015 and pioneered a new genre, Rocket League has been the gift that keeps on giving. Over the last few months, Psyonix has teamed up with NASCAR, Formula 1, and Nissan to bring licensed content to the popular car football game.

In addition, regular season updates have helped retain a loyal fanbase, with limited-time modes adding new twists to familiar game types.

Season 7 kicks off today, bringing with it a new Rocket Pass, a new arena, and more. Let's dive in and see what's in-store in Rocket League Season 7.

Season 7 Rocket Pass

With Season 7 comes a new Rocket Pass with a luxury theme giving players “a taste of the finer things in life.” The new Rocket Pass introduces new cosmetic items such as Sushi Roller Wheels, an animated Aquarium Player Banner, Carat Cutter Wheels, a Marble Floor Decal, and a Kinda Big Deal Player Title.

Rocket League Season 7 Maestro
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Rocket League Season 7 introduces the Maestro, a new luxury saloon inspired by Rolls-Royce.

Rocket League Season 7 also adds a new Rolls-Royce-style luxury saloon called the Maestro and the Utopia Coliseum (Gilded) Arena. This overhauled version of the Coliseum Arena is getting a glamorous makeover with marble floors and posh pillars for Soccar events.

Tournament Rewards

A host of new Tournament Rewards can be earned in Season 7. These include the arcade cabinet-themed Got Next Player Banner, flaming Nunya: Roasted Wheels, and the Black Market Dunker Goal Explosion.

After Season 7 begins, Select Favorites 2 Series will drop as Blueprints on 16 June, featuring classics including the Dueling Dragons Goal Explosion, Zomba Wheels, and the Interstellar Decal.

Rocket League Season 7 Utopia Coliseum (Gilded) Arena
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The Utopia Coliseum gets a glamorous makeover in Rocket League Season 7.

Season 7 also introduces Golden Painted Items as rewards for top players. These rare items can be found in Rocket Pass Pro Tiers after reaching Tier 70. Even rarer items will require players to reach Tier 150.

Limited Time Modes

To celebrate Rocket League's seventh anniversary, two new Limited Time Modes are coming to Season 7 in the new Birthday Ball Event.

Rocket League Birthday Ball event
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The Birthday Ball event celebrates Rocket League's seventh anniversary.

Between 6 and 13 July, the 2v2 Heatseeker LTM will give the ball homing abilities. The Battle Royale-inspired Knockout LTM is also returning on 13 July and ending on 19 July.

Rocket League update 2.16 Patch Notes

Coinciding with Season 7 is the launch of a new game update.

As well as adding the Maestro car, new arena, and Tournament Rewards, update 2.16 makes some changes to the Custom Training mode based on player feedback. For example, progress on packs no longer requires shots to be completed in a specific order.

Check out the Rocket League update 2.16 Patch Notes for a full list of changes.

The Headlines

  • v2.16 prepares Rocket League for Season 7
    • Season 7 begins on 6/15/2022 at 8 a.m. PDT / 3 p.m. UTC
    • Look for additional patch notes detailing Season 7 before the season begins

New Content

New Arena Variant

  • Utopia Coliseum (Gilded) is now available in Private Matches, and Free Play

Changes and updates

Custom Training Updates

  • Read more about the changes to Custom Training here
  • You can now complete shots in a training pack in any order you want
  • Training pack progress is now included in game save data
  • You can reset progress on any training pack (see Pause Menu changes below)
  • New controls:
    • Next and Previous Shot: Freely swap between shots in a training pack
    • Select Shot: Press and hold will bring up a new drop-down menu that allows you to pick which shot in the pack you want to practice
    • Shuffle Shots: Randomize the shot order (press again to reset to the original order)
    • Shot Mirroring: Flip a shot to the opposing side of the arena. Mirroring works on all Arenas currently available in Custom Training
  • To view and change Custom Training controls:
    • Load into a Custom Training pack
    • Go to Settings -> Controls -> View/Change Bindings
    • Scroll to the very bottom, and you will see the new inputs right below controls for Knockout
  • ‘History’ tab has been added to the Custom Training Menu
  • New options have been added to the Custom Training Pause Menu
    • Reset Progress
    • End Training
  • End Training screen: From here, you can jump back into the pack, change to a different game mode, change the training pack, or go back to the main menu.
    • This screen will appear the first time you complete every shot in a training pack, and any time you complete all of the shots in a pack after resetting progress
    • This screen won’t automatically appear if you are using a training pack that has already been completed if its progress hasn’t been reset

Painted Items

  • Sort by Paints: You can now sort Customization Items by Paints in the Car Customization and Manage Inventory menus
  • Gold Paint: ‘Gold’ has been added as a Painted color attribute, available on select Customization Items

Player Behavior

  • We have made changes and improvements to how we track and take action against in-game griefing and scoring on your own team (“own-goaling”)
  • If you witness any griefing or own-goaling during a match, please use the “Match Throwing/Griefing” report reason
  • This will lead to disciplinary action under the “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” ban reason
  • When a player is banned, a “Report Feedback” notification is sent to all players who sent in eligible reports for Match Throwing/Griefing


  • Similar to the new shot controls in Custom Training, ball controls in Free Play now display at all times in the upper left corner

Bug fixes

  • Fixed positioning of in-game Voice Chat notifications
  • Fixed a focus issue in the Friends List while navigating the Report/Block list
  • [PS, Switch, Xbox] Fixed a rare bug that allowed spectators into some online matches and would place them on the field
    • This issue was fixed on PC in v2.15
  • Fixed a bug with the Credits pop-up after a trade has completed
  • Fixed multiple bugs with text appearance on the Scoreboard
  • Fixed appearance of the Shark Tooth Decal on Jager 619
  • Fixed the Joker Decal on Dominus so it no longer affects Painted trim color
  • Fixed appearance of the MG-88 Decal on Endo
  • Voice Chat pop-up for first-time users no longer blocks controller input
  • Fixed the post-match scoreboard so the MVP player name doesn’t get cut off
  • Fixed a bug causing a players Rank to show up as Unranked on the post-match scoreboard

Known issues

For a complete list of known issues in Rocket League, go here

  • [Custom Training] The HUD does not update automatically when changing the controls
  • [Custom Training] Some shots may not mirror correctly
  • [Custom Training] Replay may show car being moved across the field after a shot is mirrored
  • Some Boosts may be partially visible to splitscreen players even when it is not being actively used
  • Sometimes the lightning animation above a car does not trigger when a player switches teams
  • The ‘Boujee’ Animated Decal is off centered on certain Car Bodies
  • The ‘Sizzled’ Decal is listed as an ‘Animated’ decal when it is not
  • For first time players only, leaving the RL Intro cinematic causes the car and grass in the Main Menu to be hidden until entering the Garage
  • Some Blueprint thumbnails may disappear when rapidly switching between tabs
  • When being replaced by a real player, bot names may not disappear from the scoreboard
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