Rocket League: Three cars Psyonix needs to add to the game!

Rocket League may not contain "racing", but it does require elite levels of car control and that is something we can get behind here at RacingGames!

We've recently started playing the title and have quickly fallen in love with it. While there are plenty of car models in the game there are a few missing ones that we would dearly love to see.

With NASCAR and Formula 1 coming to the game this month, and all the Season 3 goodness, what else would we love Psyonix to add?

Ferrari F40

You have to have a Ferrari, right?

With Dodge, Nissan, and McLaren among other manufacturers already in Rocket League, it's about time we got a Prancing Horse. Our pick would be the amazing F40.

Ferrari F40 AC
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Produced from 1987-1992, the 2.9 litre, 477 hp beast is beloved by car fans everywhere. With a top speed of 199 mph and its spartan design, it's a pure race car that is just about road legal.

The low scoop of the front and level rear spoiler also makes it ideal for Rocket League!!

Subaru Impreza

Rocket League doesn't get too muddy, but that shouldn't prevent a Subaru Impreza from joining the Psyonix garage.

dirt rally subaru
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The Subaru Impreza was made famous in WRC in the 1990s & 2000s, and has long been a car focused on fun. It's got the perfect surfaces for Rocket League, with a flat front end and high roof you could execute some serious tricks with this one.

Reliant Robin

Ok, ok... Just hear us out on this one!

The iconic three-wheeler is definitely not suited to circuit racing, but it could be an amazing Rocket League car.

reliant robin rocket league 2
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Not only is an absurd and legendary vehicle in its own right, but it's perfect for zooming through the air with its rocket-shaped nose.

With plenty of unique game modes in Rocket League, having a three-wheeler mode would be an awesome addition for future seasons and keep players on their toes too!

What cars do you want to see added to Rocket League?

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