RaceRoom is Free to Play for a Limited Time This Weekend

RaceRoom Announces Free Access Weekend

RaceRoom Announces Free Access Weekend

For sim racing fans looking to broaden their choice of cars and tracks, there’s a special event happening this weekend. For four days only, RaceRoom is opening the garage doors to their entire car and track list for free, giving players the chance to experience the full game.

Racing fees

Developed by KW Studios, RaceRoom is a free-to-play racing simulator. It aims to provide an authentic racing experience with detailed tracks and realistic car models and behavior.

RaceRoom Announces Free Access Weekend
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RaceRoom was first released in February 2013. Since then, a wide range of additional content has been added to enhance the overall experience.

Multiple game modes are available in RaceRoom. These range from single-player races against AI to custom multiplayer championships. An online portal is used to store player statistics and leaderboard entries.

Despite RaceRoom being free-to-play, a lot of content is still locked behind a paywall. These racing fees are minimal but can put off some players who just want to experience an authentic track racer.

For one weekend only though, the paywalls are coming down.

RaceRoom announces free weekend

For four days, all content in RaceRoom will be completely free to all players through Steam. This unlocks over 200 cars and 50+ tracks for players to experience, with all game modes also available to everyone.

RaceRoom Announces Free Access Weekend
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This free weekend begins on Thursday, June 20 and runs until Sunday, June 23. That gives players plenty of time to get stuck into what RaceRoom has to offer.

For those who want to keep playing the premium content after June 23, there’s good news there too. The RaceRoom Summer Sale kicks off on June 24, running until July 7.

This presents some great savings for RaceRoom players. Selected items will be available for up to 50% off, presenting some great racing offers.

Simracing.GP hosts bonus RaceRoom events

To celebrate RaceRoom's free access weekend, league racing platform Simracing.GP is hosting a series of events for its Drive2Win competition where you can win bonus points.

Simracing.GP RaceRoom
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Here's a full list of events you can enter:

With summer just around the corner, what better way to escape the heat than strapping into a sim rig for some authentic racing?

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