Next EA Sports WRC Update Arrives Next Week

Next EA Sports WRC Update Arrives Next Week

Next EA Sports WRC Update Arrives Next Week

EA Sports WRC is an enjoyable and authentic reboot of the official rally game franchise, but it had a rocky launch - particularly on PC.

The initial release was plagued with glitches and performance issues. Thankfully, Codemasters has improved the experience since then, with the next EA Sports update set to launch next week with further bug fixes.

EA Sports WRC Update 1.4.0 will bring more bug fixes and improvements

On the official forum, EA Sports confirmed that the next EA Sports WRC update will arrive on 14 December. The update will contain numerous bug fixes and improvements, with more details to be shared in the patch notes next week.

Next EA Sports WRC update arrives next week
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EA confirmed the update will fix issues relating to “steering wheel and controller input bindings not working correctly across certain device configurations” and “tuning setups potentially breaking when a player tunes multiple cars.”

EA Sports WRC setups reset

Unfortunately, fixing these issues requires a reset of EA Sports WRC’s controller and wheel setups. If you want to keep your settings, you may want to take note of your current controller or wheel setups because they will be wiped next week.

“We know that many of you have spent a lot of time refining your controller, wheel and pedal and vehicle setups, so in order to provide the least disruption possible, we are sending this warning ahead of time,” an EA Community Manager wrote in the thread.

EA Sports WRC update
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“If you wish to keep any settings after the v1.4.0 update releases, we recommend you screenshot or write down the ones you are currently using, and then re-apply them after the patch is released.”

EA also previously confirmed that a free update will add a new location based on the new Central Europe Rally introduced in the 2023 championship. This new location could arrive in next week’s update, but EA hasn’t confirmed this yet. It would be a great early Christmas present for EA Sports WRC players.

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