Is EA Sports WRC 23 Crossplay?

Is EA Sports WRC Crossplay?

Is EA Sports WRC Crossplay?

EA Sports WRC has finally been announced by EA, ushering in a new era of rally racing games from DiRT Rally creator Codemasters. Launching in early November, EA Sports WRC is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This leaves players who want to play online with an important question: Is EA Sports 23 crossplay on these platforms?

Will EA Sports WRC have crossplay multtiplae?

With most Codemasters racing games like F1 23 offering crossplay multiplayer, players are wondering if EA Sports WRC will also support this feature. Crossplay is becoming an increasingly common and expected feature in modern racing games.

Thankfully, EA has confirmed that EA Sports will have crossplay multiplayer support. This means players can compete with friends on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC regardless of their platform.

Will EA Sports WRC Have Crossplay?
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Since EA Sports is slated for current-gen consoles and PC only, it won’t have cross-gen support. Unlike F1 23, EA Sports WRC won’t get a PS4 and Xbox One release, making it Codemasters’ first current-gen-only title.

EA Sports WRC’s cross-platform multiplayer will support up to 32 players competing for the best stage times with friends and the online WRC community.

Players can compete online in custom tournaments viathe EA Racenet companion app. Daily ‘Moments’ events will let players relive scenarios from the 2023 WRC season alongside classic events. This sounds a lot like F1 23’s F1 Replay mode.

Release date

EA Sports WRC powerslides onto PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 3 November. However, pre-order players will get three days of early access starting 31 October.

Will EA Sports WRC have crossplay
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EA Sports WRC sees Codemasters ditch its in-house EGO engine for the first time since F1 2010 in favour of the Unreal graphics engine.

Switching to Unreal Engine will bring new levels of fidelity and driving physics as well as longer and more detailed stages. As well as a car builder mode, EA Sports WRC will feature 78 cars at launch including ten official WRC cars and 68 historic cars from the legendary Lancia Stratos to Colin Mcrae’s iconic Subaru Impreza S4. As for locations, EA Sports will have over 200 stages across 18 locations.

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