KT Racing responds to WRC Generations throttle issue

WRC Generations can’t catch a break. The Xbox version was bugged at launch preventing players from accessing the Fully Loaded Edition early and wheels weren't working with the game.

Mercifully, most of these problems have been resolved since then. But now there’s another issue plaguing the game.

How to fix WRC Generations throttle input issue

Writing on Reddit, KT Racing has identified a throttle input issue on PC when using a PS5 controller with the default preset where it’s only effective when fully pressed.

WRC Generations
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KT Racing has found this only happens when the "Rescale" parameter of the "Accelerate" action is set to "Off" with a PS5 pad or a pedal board. This setting is set to “Off" by default for PS5 controllers on PC. Changing this "Rescale" to on will resolve the issue.

A PC patch will fix this bug next week by changing the Rescale setting to “on” by default for all new players. A separate console update will follow in early January 2023 “as the holiday season will put on hold submissions of any patches.”

Automatic clutch

KT Racing has also responded to players struggling with the automatic clutch. Like the real-life WRC cars, WRC Generations implements a launch control system that stops the car when in first gear and the engine is idling.

There’s also an electronic accelerator system that allows both torque and engine speed to be controlled with throttle control.

WRC Generations
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“This explains, for example, that an accelerator at mid-stroke does not make it possible to reach the maximum engine speed but an intermediate value,” KT explains on Reddit.

“We understand that this automatic clutch implementation associated with this electronic throttle system may have led to some misunderstandings, but we have implemented it for the sake of realism and should not impact driving performance.

As a reminder, you have 3 possibilities to start:

  1. By accelerating all the time: this corresponds to a start with automatic clutch
  2. Accelerates by pressing the brake then releases the brake: this corresponds to a start at “maximum power
  3. Accelerates and brakes at the same time using the handbrake: this corresponds to a start at maximum engine speed, i.e. at the switch as soon as the handbrake is released (in this case, the car goes into overdrive)

Procedure n°2 is the one that comes closest to the starting procedure, which is the one used by WRC drivers, regardless the model (hybrid or not)."

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