New WRC Generations update lands on PlayStation and Xbox

Codemasters’ first WRC game could be just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean WRC Generations updates will end. KT Racing continues to support its final WRC game after release, with the latest patch update addressing issues on PlayStation and Xbox.

While the PC version was updated last December, KT Racing confirmed the console patch will deploy in January. As promised, the latest WRC Generations update can be downloaded now on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

New WRC Generations update lands on PlayStation and Xbox

Several fixes from December’s PC update are also in the console update including a fix for an issue that caused a loss of power at low speed with the traction control system.

WRC Generations update
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There are also fixes for issues relating to the hybrid launch control gauge, Clubs leaderboards, and livery editor.

A separate fix has also been released for PC resolving a saving issue with the Leagues Mode.

WRC Generations update
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It’s a relatively minor update overall. The community has highlighted other issues that still haven’t been fixed such as handbrake sensitivity and launch control on old cars, so this hopefully won’t be the last update.

You can find out more in the WRC Generations update patch notes below.

WRC Generations update patch notes

Consoles Only Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when exceeding 255 stickers in editor.
  • Changed the lowest League name from "Beginner" to "Amateur".
  • Fixed a display issue in Clubs leaderboards where it only showed the 10 best scores.
  • Fixed an issue when playing more than a single promotion/relegation animation in one instance of the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the hybrid launch control gauge.
  • Fixed an issue with TCS, where some power was lost at low speed if it was activated.
  • Fixed a display issue on brake disks under specific conditions.

All Platforms

Fixed a progression save issue in Leagues.

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