The Crew Motorfest Location: Welcome to Oahu

The Crew Motorfest Location: Where will you explore in this upcoming racing game?

The Crew Motorfest Location: Where will you explore in this upcoming racing game?

After years of waiting, The Crew franchise is finally getting a new title, and not only that but The Crew Motorfest location has been confirmed!

This upcoming open-world racing game looks stunning and the incredible island location will be a key part of its appeal.

Here's everything you need to know about The Crew Motorfest's location!

The Crew Motorfest Location

The Crew Motorfest will be the third entry in The Crew series. Motorfest takes us outside of the continental U.S. for the first time and to the tropical Hawaiian islands.

The Crew Motorfest location
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Specifically, we'll be going to O’ahu, home to the state's capital city, Honolulu. There is also stunning natural scenery here, with volcanoes, forests, beaches and of course, the mesmeric Pacific Ocean all on offer.

What the devs say

This location brings a big change to The Crew series. Previously, The Crew and The Crew 2 had both been set in a scaled-down lower 48 states U.S. but this version of O'ahu is much closer to what we see in real life.

Stéphane Beley, the Senior Creative Director at developers Ivory Tower had plenty to say in an interview with IGN on the Hawaiian location and the links between Motorfest and another fan-favourite racing game.

The Crew Motorfest map
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“It’s not 1:1 [scale], but we decided to just grasp all the main points of Hawaii and mix it together,” Beley explained.

“You will have the shape of the Hawaiian island of O’ahu, but with the essence of it. I prefer to have a higher density of activities and biomes and it’s easy to go from one to another."

"You will see that every 30 seconds you will have something to do and play with your friends through this big island, which is one of the biggest islands that I’ve done.”

So, while the real-life location this is based on is a smaller one, we won't be lacking activities to take part in. It's easy to draw comparisons between The Crew Motorfest and Test Drive Unlimited, another of Beley's projects.

Where have I seen this place?

O'ahu may look familiar to gamers that have experienced some other high-profile movies and TV shows. The island's perfectly preserved forests have provided the filming locations for so much content before.

Hollywood movies such as 50 First Dates have called this island home. On the TV front, one of the greatest shows of the 2000s, Lost, was almost entirely filmed on this island.

The Crew Motorfest
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We can never forget the likes of Lilo and Stitch and of course, the iconic, Hawaii Five-0, either. Not to mention Baywatch, which had its later series set on the islands.

But it's even more familiar for race fans - the original Test Drive Unlimited took players to O'ahu in 2006.

Trailer and release date

The first official word we had regarding The Crew Motorfest was the Teaser Trailer. Released in February of this year, it confirmed the game's launch date as sometime this year:

As for the consoles, The Crew Motorfest will be released on PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. As for old-gen gamers, the game will be coming to both PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One as well.

If you want to test The Crew Motorfest before release, you can also sign up for Ubisoft's Insider Program.

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