F1 2021 Singapore Wet Setup: Marina Bay wet race setup, Career Mode, My Team & more

As Formula 1 heads to the Summer break, gamers everywhere are jumping into F1 2021 to keep the racing going.

F1 races are always a bit more exciting in the wet. In Singapore though, rain is a truly daunting challenge. Unless you've got the right setup of course...

F1 2021 Singapore wet setup

A wet Singapore race is arguably harder than any other proposition in F1 2021. With 23 corners in a seemingly never-ending procession, it requires high levels of concentration and car control.

One mistake and your day is over, so it's vital to have the right setup for your wet race!


As you might suspect, we've gone with maximum aero performance here.

F1 2021 Singapore wet setup aero
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With 11-11 wings we get as much downforce as possible at both high and low speeds. This should help keep the car pointy into the corners and settled when accelerating out of them.


This part of the setup defines how the power is put through the rear wheels and into the tarmac.

F1 2021 Singapore wet setup transmission
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We've gone with 70% on-throttle and 55% off-throttle. While there is more performance to be had in raising the on-throttle differential it will create understeer on exit which can be hard to manage here.

Suspension Geometry

This part of the car defines how the wheels are aligned to the body of the car.

F1 2021 Singapore wet setup suspension geometry
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Front camber is pushed all the way right and rear camber all the way left.

Front toe gets set at 0.07 to add some turn-in performance, rear toe is pushed all the way left.


This part of the setup is the most personal, as it can create a car that reacts very differently to driver input and style.

F1 2021 singapore wet setup suspension
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We've gone with 1-3 suspension and 1-4 anti-roll bars. This creates good rotation into the corners and should keep the car cutting through the water and not veering off or understeering into the barriers.

Ride height is set to 4-8 to keep the car off the road when all that aerodynamic performance is pushing it down.


We need maximum brake performance to be competitive at Singapore, even in the rain.

F1 2021 Singapore wet setup brakes
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We've gone with 100% brake pressure and 56% brake bias. Lockups are more frequent in the rain, so if you are struggling to keep the tyres rolling then lower the pressure a touch.


F1 2021 singapore wet setup tyres
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We've gone with 22.2psi on the front and 22.7psi on the rears. Singapore is notoriously hard on tyres so we can't over-inflate them here or the rubber will disappear far too quickly.

We are continually testing and updating our setups so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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