F1 22 Bahrain Wet Setup: Online, My Team, Career Mode settings

F1 22 Bahrain wet setup

F1 22 Bahrain wet setup

F1 22 is a real challenge especially around a circuit like Bahrain in the wet. This track isn't used to rain, so you need to ensure you have a great setup for wet weather.

F1 22 brought new features and updated cars, drivers and tracks to the Formula 1 game. The Sakhir International Circuit has been on the calendar since 2004 and has been run at night since 2014.

F1 22 Bahrain Wet setup

For a great dry weather setup around Bahrain in Career Mode and My Team, check out our setup guide. We've also got it in video form on our YouTube channel too:

This setup is designed for stability and drivability. With Turn 10 always waiting for you to lock up and the long Turn 12 ready to catch you out there are lots of challenges awaiting you.



Your wing angles define how much downforce is generated from your aerodynamics. So, for Bahrain we've gone for 20-25 wing angles on the front/rear.

F1 22 Aerodynamics Bahrain wet setup
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This is on the low side compared to previous years' wet setups, but there is reason for this. With the new cars producing downforce from ground effect as well, the wings are less important in 2022.

These settings allow you to be both fast on the straights and stable through the corners.


Transmission in the rain needs to be more locked than for dry weather setups. This will give the car more overall grip when both on and off the throttle.

F1 22 Transmission Bahrain wet setup
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95% on-throttle differential helps stability on corner exit, allowing for a more streamlined rear wing.

60% off-throttle differential helps to counteract understeer from the new cars.

Suspension geometry

The camber and toe angles of the suspension geometry define how much mechanical trip is generated by the tyres. In the wet, performance is everything, and the wet tyres have plenty of durability in them.

F1 22 suspension geometry Bahrain wet setup
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-2.50 front camber and -1.00 rear camber are the lowest values you can go for, and we recommend them for wet weather.

0.05 front toe combined with 0.26 rear toe are the settings we've opted for. If you're still struggling for grip on the rear though, turn the rear toe down.

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The suspension setting that's best for you depends upon your driving style. But, we've come up with a good all-round setup for Bahrain here. We've gone with 7-7 on the suspension, along with 7-7 on the anti-roll bars.

F1 22 suspension Bahrain wet setup
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The 2022 cars benefit from stiffer suspension this year, and while you can still create bags of oversteer by separating the front and rear values you get a pretty stable base with these settings.

A ride height of 4-4 is slightly higher than normal. However, it gives you a chance to keep the car pointing in the right direction when you run over the kerbs.


Surprisingly, we've opted for 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias. Feel free to turn the brake pressure down if you're locking up too much, though. This is especially true if you're racing without ABS.

F1 22 Brakes Bahrain wet setup
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There are bigger wheels in Formula 1 this year, so the tyre pressures have also changed. We've gone with a front tyre pressure of 23.5 psi and a rear tyre pressure of 22.7 psi.

F1 22 tyres Bahrain wet setup
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This provides a good grip and keeps the temperature at optimum levels throughout the lap. If you do find the tyres are overheating though, turn these values down.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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