F1 23 Adds Alfa Romeo Tribute Livery for Italian Grand Prix

Alfa Romeo Tribute livery comes to F1 23

Alfa Romeo Tribute livery comes to F1 23

For this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix, Alfa Romeo has revealed a stunning new livery. Paying homage to the Alfa Romeo Stradale, this striking livery is coming to F1 23 for all players.

Alfa Romeo Tribute livery comes to F1 23

One of the world’s first supercars, the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is a beautiful vehicle. It’s only right then that Alfa Romeo marks their home race by paying homage to this fantastic car.

This weekend’s Italian Grand Prix will see Alfa Romeo running their limited edition Tribute livery. Adding an Italian flag to black and gold, this livery is perfect for the Temple of Speed at Monza.

Alfa Romeo Tribute livery comes to F1 23
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The good news for F1 23 players is that the Alfa Romeo Tribute livery is available until 10 September for all players. Just like the Ferrari Tribute livery released this week, all players need to do is log in to F1 23 before the deadline and the livery is theirs.

Once unlocked, the Alfa Romeo Tribute livery will be available to use in F1 World and My Team.

F1 23 Update 1.10 brings back Daniel Ricciardo

Update 1.10 is available now on F1 23, with the highlight being the return of Daniel Ricciardo. The Honey Badger’s return to the real-life grid may have been fleeting, but players can now jump back into the number 3 car in F1 23.

Update 1.10 also sees the Pro Challenge come to F1 23. Max Verstappen sets the bar very high in his lap time around Zandvoort. Beating his time to complete the challenge will unlock Verstappen’s Dutch Grand Prix helmet to use for your driver.

Verstappen EA partnership
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Update 1.10 also sees the update to the Marina Bay Street Circuit used for the Singapore Grand Prix. With construction seeing the section between Turns 16 and 19 replaced by a single straight, this new layout will see lap times tumble in Time Trial.

You can check out the full Update 1.10 patch notes here.

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