F1 23 Launch Sales Disappoint

F1 23 launch sales disappoint

F1 23 launch sales disappoint

Now that F1 23 has been out for a few weeks, sales data shows how the game is performing. Reviews for this year’s F1 game were stronger than F1 22. But despite this positive reception and Formula 1 being more popular than ever, F1 23’s sales are off to a slow start.

Compared to F1 22, F1 23’s sales are down by almost 50% in Europe. It’s a disappointing launch for one of the biggest racing titles of the year.

F1 23 sales down by nearly 50% in Europe

According to GamesIndustry.bz, Europe sales for F1 23 were down almost 47% last month compared to F1 22 during the same period. PS5 was the most popular platform, accounting for just under 65% of sales.

Just over 22.5% of sales were on Xbox Series X|S. Confusingly, the report then states 12.5% of sales were on PS5.

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This could be a mistake and instead be referring to PS4 sales, but Xbox One sales are not mentioned. Surprisingly, the report goes on to say that only 0.3% of F1 23’s sales were on PC last month.

Data from SteamDB shows F1 23's player numbers peaked at 13,302 last month on Steam compared to F1 22's all-time 25,172 player peak.

By contrast, F1 22’s launch sales were 23% higher than F1 2021 in Europe according to VGChartz. F1 2021’s sales also performed “well above expectations” according to EA. 

In the UK, F1 23 debuted at number two in the boxed charts at launch, falling below The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Why are F1 23’s sales down?

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why F1 23’s sales are so much lower than F1 22. The latest F1 title received positive reviews thanks to its vastly improved handling and the return of Braking Point. Formula 1 is also more popular than ever. But there are a few factors to consider.

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Along with Braking Point 2, F1 World is one of F1 23’s headline new features. This new mode acts as a central hub combining Grand Prix, Time Trial, and online multiplayer, with daily and weekly challenges to keep players engaged. 

However, players are disappointed that the core Career Mode and My Team modes have barely changed since F1 2021.

Games are also getting increasingly expensive. On PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, the Standard Edition costs £69.99, while the Champions Edition has an eye-watering £89.99 RRP.

With minimal changes made to Career and My Team, players who already bought last year’s game could be waiting for a price drop.

If you haven’t bought F1 23 yet, now could be a good time to jump in as the Champions Edition is currently on sale for £53.99, making it cheaper than the Standard Edition.

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