F1 23 Update 1.16 Fixes Barcelona Bug

F1 23 Update 1.16 Fixes Barcelona Bug

F1 23 Update 1.16 Fixes Barcelona Bug

After an eventful US Grand Prix last weekend, a surprise F1 23 hotfix has rolled out on all platforms. Update 1.16 is a small but important patch that fixes a frustrating bug. Let’s find out what’s new in the F1 23 update 1.16 patch notes.

F1 23 hotfix for Barcelona bug

The main highlight in F1 23 update 1.16 is a critical fix for the Barcelona circuit. With certain setup changes enabled, the DRS detection line on the Barcelona circuit was causing collisions for some players on the start/finish line. Thankfully, the latest F1 23 patch squashes this frustrating bug.

F1 23 update 1.16
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In addition, update 1.16 rebalances and makes a few corrections to the F1 esports driver’s statistics. These are the only additions in F1 23 update 1.16, but you can find the full patch notes below.

F1 23 update 1.16 patch notes

  • Reverted a change to the Barcelona circuit that, with certain setup changes enabled, was causing a collision on the Start/Finish line.
  • Balanced and corrected esports drivers statistics*

*This will only be present in new saves. Existing saves will not have the change

F2 2023 season comes to F1 23

This was a minor update compared to last week’s update 1.15 patch. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, update 1.15 adds the 2023 Formula 2 season cars and drivers including Victor Martins, Oliver Bearman, and Isack Hadjar. As part of the F1 Sports update, it also adds up-to-date liveries, sponsor placement, and bodwork.

You can find out more in the F1 23 update 1.15 patch notes here.

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