F1 24 PSVR 2 Support is “Still an Ongoing Conversation,” Says Codemasters

F1 PSVR 2 Support is “Still an Ongoing Conversation,” Says Codemasters

F1 PSVR 2 Support is “Still an Ongoing Conversation,” Says Codemasters

Since F1 22, fans can live out their Formula 1 fantasies in VR with unmatched levels of immersion. However, there is a catch: F1 games only support VR on PC, leaving PSVR 2 players out in the cold on PS5.

Unfortunately, this trend looks set to continue with F1 24.

No plans for F1 24 PSVR2 support

During a media briefing attended by RacingGames, Codemasters’ senior creative director Lee Mather confirmed there are currently no plans for F1 24 to support PSVR 2. “We’re continuing with our PC support for PC. Not currently for PSVR2 – that’s still an ongoing conversation, but very much on PC,” Mather said when asked about F1 24’s VR support.

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It’s a frustrating situation for PSVR2 racing enthusiasts. When Sony’s VR headset launched last February, Gran Turismo 7 received a free PSVR 2 update. It remains one of, if not the, best and most polished VR racing experiences on any platform.

However, since then haven’t been any major PSVR2 racing releases. Despite F1 and EA Sports WRC supporting VR on PC, none of Codemasters’ PS5 racing games have received a PSVR 2 update.

Why doesn't F1 24 support PSVR 2?

One of the most likely reasons for this is the PSVR 2’s low install base. Sony initially sold over 600,000 units in the first six weeks, outselling the original PSVR in the same period.

However, sales have reportedly slowed every quarter since its release, according to Bloomberg, allegedly forcing Sony to halt production. With a small player base and no investment from Sony, it’s difficult for third-party developers to justify pouring resources into a niche product like PSVR 2.

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“As with all things, we have to find a balance as to what we can do. We always say we can do anything but can’t do everything,” Mather told RacingGames when asked why F1 24 won’t support PSVR 2.

“If we can give the broader player base a great experience with the on-track visuals and the way the game looks on a monitor, then that’s an area that takes precedence over that. It all comes down to ensuring that we give the broadest number of players the best experience we can and how we attribute that resource.”

Unless player numbers pick up significantly, it looks like PSVR 2 owners will need to keep playing Gran Turismo 7 to get their VR racing fix.

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