How to change fuel mix in F1 22

F1 22 Fuel Mixture

F1 22 Fuel Mixture

Racing is all about ensuring you make the most of the hand you're dealt. The same is true for your fuel, especially since refueling was banned in 2010. F1 22 is out now, and you need to make the most of your car to succeed in My Team.

So, how do you set your fuel mix? And how does it affect your race in F1 22? We've got everything you need to know right here!

What is fuel mix?

Fuel mix is one of the many settings that are available to change by Formula 1 drivers. This is reflected in the F1 game, as you're able to alter the fuel mix while out on the track.

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Fuel mix sets the fuel flow to the engine while racing. The more fuel is flowing into the engine, the more power is produced, and the faster your car will be.

Now, using higher fuel mixes has its downsides. These are mainly twofold, as you'll experience a higher fuel consumption rate and increased wear to engine components.

Fuel mixes available

These have changed in recent years to reflect the regulations in Formula 1 itself. In previous years, rich and other higher fuel mixes were allowed, but that's been gone since last year's game.

To change your fuel mix, you need to go to the HUD in the bottom-right of the screen and change the fuel mix using the right or left buttons of the d-pad. It's that simple, there's not much to it.

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So, there are only two fuel mixes available during a race weekend. These are lean and standard. Standard is the fuel mix you'll use most of the time, while lean is usually used just when on a warmup or cool down lap.

Unlike DRS and ERS, there are no assists when it comes to your fuel mix, you will always have to manually configure this.

Locked in for Quali & the Race

To reflect the change in regulations themselves in Formula 1, you can only use standard fuel mix once qualifying begins. This is because you now have to stay in the same fuel mix settings for both the qualifying and race.

This is down to parc ferme regulations and also because standard mix offers the best compromise between pace and fuel consumption.

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It's also an easier time for the engine and its components too. This is the case for both a wear point of view and overheating, as the engine could run too hot and lose power overall.

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