Is it worth playing F1 22 without a wheel?

F1 22 Wheel worth it

F1 22 Wheel worth it

F1 22 launched a few weeks ago, and we're really enjoying ourselves. Formula 1 isn't the most accessible sport, but with that bein said, is the official game playable without a racing wheel?

In addition to that, is it worth buying F1 22 in the first place? Well, we've got everything you need to know about that right here!

Difference between pad & wheel

Saying playing racing games on pad or wheel is like chalk and cheese is an exaggeration. However, there is a marked difference between the two input methods.

F1 22 Mercedes Silverstone
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The main difference relates to how precise wheels are. When it comes to both steering and using the pedals, a wheel and pedal setup is far more controlled than when using a controller pad.

This makes driving without assists such as Traction Control and the Anti-lock braking system easier. This isn't easy though, driving the 2022 Formula 1 cars is never easy.

The positives of F1 22

For an in-depth review of all of F1 22's features, be sure to go over and read our full review of the game. For a quick rundown though, we'll do so here for you.

F1 22 is the official game of the 2022 Formula 1 season. That means that the full 22 race calendar, as well as all of the drivers and teams from the real-life sport are included in the game.

F1 22 Aston Martin Silverstone
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The innovative My Team Career Mode returns and has more options than ever before. The is in addition to the new F1 Life feature, as well as Supercars making their debut in the series.

We genuinely thought that F1 22 could've been the best F1 game ever before it launched. While it hasn't reached those heights, it is a good game and one that's worth upgrading from F1 2021.

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