Forza Horizon 5 Trailer Breakdown: Locations, cars, weather & more revealed

Forza players rejoice! A new Horizon game has been officially confirmed to be on the way at this year's E3 convention!

Forza Horizon 5 has been rumoured to be in the works and now it's finally seen the light of day. Microsoft revealed the title during their E3 showcase using the game's trailer. What did we get to see in this trailer though and what might you have missed? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Viva Mexico

As you will have probably already heard by now, Forza Horizon 5 will be set in Mexico. Horizon's setting always moves around the globe and we're confident Mexico will be a good successor to the previous game being set in the UK.

The trailer opens with a panning shot of beautiful rocky cliffs and sandy beaches by a tranquil blue sea. Everything is calm as you soak up those glorious 4K textures that will look mesmeric on the Series X.

Forza Horizon 5
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CALM BEFORE THE STORM: The trailer begins calmly, but it doesn't end that way

We're then treated to some stunning vistas like deserts, jungles and canyon valleys as a slow guitar rhythm plays. We then get our first glimpse at a car, the Mercedes-AMG E-Performance. As we start to zoom out, the beat drops and the action begins.

The Mercedes sets off and the electric motors scream down desert highways. Jumping to a village somewhere, pick-up trucks and 4x4 off-roaders tear and drift around the tight community. They're soon joined by a Mitsubishi Evo before we cut to a wide shot of a Porsche off-road car traversing the desert next to a mountain.

When then see two high-performance sports cars slip and sliding through the desert during a thunderstorm. The weather effects look fantastic here and we expect racing in the rain will be a brilliant challenge of racers' skill. Next up is a Land Rover Defender discovering a hidden waterfall and donuting around the secret area.

An electric Porsche is shown in the desert before we witness dune buggies making mincemeat of sand dunes in the desert and by the beach using their incredibly robust suspension.

Lastly, two supercars race into a sandstorm and we see the visuals of the game completely change. It's like something out of Mad Max or Bladerunner, it's brilliant.

Release Date

The final shot of the trailer reveals the release date for Forza Horizon 5 to be 9th November this year. We also get to see snow in the game, as the last shot is atop a mountain overlooking a town below. It's also been confirmed that Horizon 5 will be released on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Windows PC.

FH5 release 1
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This is great news for Forza gamers that are eagerly awaiting Forza Motorsport, which still doesn't have a proper release date.

What else does the trailer tell us?

As this is a reveal trailer, there's not a lot to see other than that the glorious graphics. What's clear though, is that thankfully, Horizon hasn't lost its ways when it comes to being a fun and entertaining game. When Horizon 5 drops later this year, you and your friends will have a blast racing around Mexico.

mexico 2
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MESMERIC: We can't wait to experience these incredible visuals on our TVs later this year

The most impressive thing about this trailer though, is that it's all captured from in-game footage. There are no silky-smooth cinematics here, so when you boot up Horizon 5 later this year, it will look as glorious as this trailer does.

One thing that seemed to be a lot different to previous Horizon games is the weather. We saw the thunderstorms, but it's the sandstorms that could really shake things up. If one of those appears in the distance, there isn't really anywhere to avoid it, so you'll have to power through them. That will be much easier to say than do with the limited visibility.

Full trailer

If you want to check out the trailer for yourself, we've linked the full E3 trailer below for your viewing pleasure:

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