Gran Turismo 7: Brand new GT7 gameplay revealed in PS5 advert!

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So, GT7 and the team at Polyphony Digital have been a little quiet recently.

However, it seems that silence has been somewhat broken with the release of some more game footage.

It's not much, but let's take a look now!

New Footage

Thankfully, previous trailers have already shown us a fair amount of the games features!

The footage is shown in a short segment of the advert and shows a number of things.

GT7 image
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NEW GAMEPLAY: The short trailer features some new footage!

Firstly, we get a glimpse of some more vehicles.

All of them appear to be thoroughbred racecar material, with no sight yet of standard vehicles.

Also pictured in the trailer are some big brands such Arai, with the potential for more driver customisation available again.

Release Date

There was no new news concerning a release date despite the small "coming 2021" wording.

This at least confirms that the game will be here next year... We hope!

Our fingers remain crossed for an early release next year, as we don't want to be waiting around.

The PS5

The console is now in our homes, and it's an exciting one! The old trailer was even supposedly shot on the powerful console.

GT7 Mazda
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TRAILERS: We already have one trailer for the game!

With the new DualSense controller and incredible graphical capabilities, the game is sure to look amazing.

We hope we don't have to wait for too long to be watching our favourite cars around Trial Mountain in 4K.

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