Gran Turismo 7 Graphics: Ray Tracing, 60 FPS, 4K resolution, gameplay, PS4, PS5, & more

The game is finally here, and we can all experience Gran Turismo 7 graphics!

The latest instalment of the grand old franchise is out now, and boy does it look the part.

Here's GT7's graphical capabilities!

Gran Turismo 7 graphics

As you'd expect from Sony's incredible next-gen console, the graphics on PS5 are be top-notch.

Polyphony CEO Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that the PS5 will be able to run GT7 in a smooth and crystal clear 4K, as long as your TV supports that resolution. For reference, that's 2160p, four times the resolution of standard 1080p HD.

Frame rate is huge in gaming, as it directly effects the smoothness of the motion of what your monitor is displaying. A lot has been made of the PS5's potential ability to run games in 4K and 120 frames per second, but Yamauchi has confirmed GT7 won't be able to run these settings on launch day. Instead, Gran Turismo 7 will support 60 fps on the PS5.

Perhaps the best part of the game's graphics is its lighting. Diving into shadows and flying out of tunnels really gives you the full experience. You get glare and deep darkness, not to mention the reflections on the windscreen. Polyphony has held nothing back.

Ray tracing

While the PS5 does support ray tracing, the feature is only available outside of races. This is a shame, but also understandable given the sheer scale of the tracks, speed of the cars, and millions of angles generated during a race.

You can get ray tracing on the PS5 in Scapes and replays. This is where GT7 looks at its best.

GT7 Gulf
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Ray tracing is not available on the PS4. Which brings us to another key section.

PS5 vs PS4

As you might expect, the PS4 can't keep up with the PS5 graphically. However, it doesn't turn GT7 into an ugly mess.

The PS4 version of the game is still a beautiful experience.

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