Gran Turismo 7 hints at multi-class racing!

The latest in a series of videos featuring Polyphony CEO Kazunori Yamauchi has shown off the benefits of the DualSense controller for Gran Turismo 7.

However, for the eagle-eyed viewer there was something else of interest in the video. Multi-class racing!


Titled Racer, this video sees Yamauchi talk about how racing isn't something you do alone. From the team around you to your rivals on track.

He talks about the sound of your car as well as that of the others around you.

The main point seems to be to promote the use of the DualSense countroller, which has its own speaker to help put you on the track. The haptic feedback of the controller will give you a greater sense of understeer and loss of grip.

However, the main point for us came in the cars they chose to show on track.

Multi-class racing?

At the 30 second mark, we see that iconic Toyota Supra, which is a bonus car for those that get the 25th Anniversary Edition.

gran turismo 7 toyota supra GT500 97 03 en 16aug21
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The Gr.3 car is a true icon of Gran Turismo. But what is that alongside it on the track?

Why that's the Mazda 787B '91. A beautiful car, but a Gr.1 car...

gt7 multi class
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MULTI-CLASS MAYHEM: Will we finally get busy tracks?

Players have wanted multi-class racing for a while now, and games that do feature multi-class racing, like Assetto Corsa Competizione, have been praised for it.

While this is far from confirmation of the feature, it looks good for running endurance championships and big, chaotic, races with a diverse field of cars.

Release date

Gran Turismo 7 has an official release date of 4 March 2022.

There is no option for early access, but the 25th Anniversary Edition comes with plenty of extras to make it worth your while.

Pre-order your version here!

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