Winning Big in Gran Turismo 7's Weekly Challenges: June Week 3

The GT-One driving under a french flag fly over in Gran Turismo 7

The GT-One driving under a french flag fly over in Gran Turismo 7

The Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges are back with five new races packaged together to give players some extra rewards for picking up a podium in each one.

This week takes us to Le Mans just in time for the 24-hour race this weekend, as well as making a stop at the home of the next Grand Prix.

GT7 Challenges - June Week 3

This week provides a healthy 698,000 credits if you win every race. That can rise to just shy of 1 million if you get a clean race bonus on each one.

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You will also receive a six-star roulette ticket for completing all five races this week, which should have another reward of either 100,000+ credits or a car.

European Sunday Cup 500

The first race this week is two laps of Deep Forest Raceway. You need to be in a European road car, but with PP limit you can just grab your Ferrari VGT or Aston Martin Valkyrie and wipe the floor with the opposition.

European Sunday Cup 500 race information sheet
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Special Event

This week's Special Event takes us to the Circuit de Barcelona-Cataluyna for four laps in the Alpine A110 '17.

There is no tuning limit here, so you can upgrade your A110 and make quick work of this race, just remember you have to take the chicane at the end!

American FR Challenge 550

This race will take you to the sensational Road Atlanta for three laps of pretty straightforward racing.

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You'll be up against a bunch of 70s & 80s cars so anything modern that can corner well and you will walk to victory here.

Ferrari Circuit Challenge

The full course of Lago Maggiore is a tricky place to go racing, but in a Ferrari it just feels right!

This race gives you a 700 PP cap for your Prancing Horse, so you'll need to get the tune just right to complete the five laps of this race and come out on top.

World Touring Car 800

The final race takes us to Le Mans for five laps in any car you want so long as it is under 800 PP.

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With 6x fuel consumption and 10x tyre wear, as well as dynamic weather, you may need to make a stop or two but a detuned 787B or GT-One should get you to the finish line first in this race.

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