Gran Turismo 7: Why the GT Track Creator needs to return for next-gen

2022 can't come quickly enough, because Gran Turismo is coming to next-gen! Gran Turismo 7 is set to be one of the biggest PlayStation 5 games since the new system's launch.

We've heard and seen a lot through trailers and interviews, but there are still some details we don't know much about. Something that hasn't been discussed has been the possibility of the Track Creator returning for GT7.

So, what are the chances of this happening? And what's the history of the Track Creator? We've got everything you need to know right here!

The GT Track Creator

Gran Turismo 5 custom circuit
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LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES: The GT Track Creator was a fan-favourite feature in previous games

We've often pondered about why and how a true Track Creator should be implemented into a racing game. This has happened before though, and the closest we've come was the Track Creator in Gran Turismo 5. That's aside from Mario Kart Live anyway, but we really can't see Polyphony sending out RC cars with copies of GT7.

GT5's Track Creator was relatively simple, but very effective. We'd not seen anything like this before in a racing game, and was arguably the best new feature for the PS3 title. You selected how many sections you wanted and then chose how complex and how sharp you wanted the corners to be, as well as how wide the road should be.

Simple, but effective. Even though the tracks' surroundings often looked the same no matter what, it was satisfying creating these circuits then racing on them later. There was a certain satisfaction about seeing your creation come to life, then beating your friends or the AI in a race around it.

Is GT7 getting a Track Creator?

GT home GT7
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HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT: Could the track creator be in here somewhere?

We haven't heard anything from the Polyphony developers or anybody else associated with Gran Turismo about a Track Creator. That doesn't mean that we won't see one though, it could currently still be in development.

We have been given a few glimpses at the GT7 home menu as well, and there doesn't appear to be a Track Creator hiding in plain sight.

Polyphony are going for a new record when it comes to how many circuits are in GT7 from launch. We've already got 90 confirmed thanks to all of the content in GT Sport being carried forward. If GT7 tops 100, it'll be the most ever in the series.

While some circuits past or present might not be included in GT7, if the Track Creator is optimised, players can recreate these tracks in-game and share them using online on a modding marketplace of sorts.

A good way to add to that experience would be to reintroduce the Track Creator into GT, but what would it look like on PS5?

How the Track Creator can be improved

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AS GOOD AS THE REAL WORLD: Can the Track Creator make as exciting tracks as real-life circuits?

GT5's Track Creator is a very good base to work from. If Polyphony carry forward its features to GT7 and improve upon it, we could have something that's a game-changer. GT6 also had a great idea with its Track Creator too, a mobile app.

While the PS5 is easy to use, it will never be as intuitive as a mobile phone or tablet. That's where the GT6 Track Path Editor comes into its own. This app allowed players to design circuits using their mobile device and was lightyears ahead of GT5's.

Why this wasn't brought into GT Sport is unknown, but GT7 needs to bring it back. You could basically draw a circuit and import it into GT6. The biggest gripe with GT5's Track Creator was that you couldn't change the surroundings, but you could in GT6.

It wasn't perfect though, and here's what could be improved upon:

  • Alter the elevation of sections of the track
  • Choose and place buildings around the circuit, such as grandstands and buildings
  • Choose and place tunnels as well as under and overpasses
  • More choices for road surface types and quality
  • Better weather system for different parts of the world

But honestly, we'd be very glad to have the Track Creator back in any capacity. The possibilities with this one are quite literally endless and it adds serious longevity to the game's lifespan.

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