Gran Turismo Sport PS5: Transfer save data - how to avoid lost files

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It's global launch day for the PS5, and if you were lucky enough to secure one you are probably installing everything as you read this.

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With Gran Turismo 7 not expected until 2021, race fans will be keen to see what GT Sport looks like on the next-gen console. But hold your horses, or you might encounter and issue.


Gran Turismo Sport on PS5

Thankfully, the PS4 game is entirely playable on PS5 due to backwards compatibility features. It should play in 4K at 60 fps with massively improved load times.

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However there has been an issue with getting all of your save files across to the new PlayStation.


Lost save files

There is an issue that can result in some data, saved replays and Scapes photo data specifically, not making the transfer to the PS5.

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This can happen if you install GT Sport on your new PS5 before you transfer your old game data. To avoid it you should move save data across from your PS4 before you start installing GT Sport.


Thankfully, Polyphony has provided a guidance to avoid it.

How to move save files

The correct way to move files and avoid any issues is as follows:

  • Connect both consoles to the same network via ethernet (preferred) or WiFi
  • Log into the same PSN account on both consoles
  • On PS5 select Settings > System > System Software > Data Transfer
  • Select Gran Turismo Sport saved data
  • On completion, install Gran Turismo Sport to PS5
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If you were planning on leaving GT Sport on an external hard drive for a while, then make sure you complete the above steps before plugging the drive into your PS5.