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GT Sport Daily Races: Suzuka Circuit, Dragon Trail, Group 3 & more!

A Monday means one thing for avid fans of Gran Turismo Sport, a new set of Daily Races to try and smash.

We've got an exciting mix of tracks and cars this week, with some awesome racing inevitably inbound.

Table of Contents

So, let's take a look at what races you'll be taking part in this week, as the wait for Gran Turismo 7 continues!

Race A

Race A kicks off this week's racing, where the theme seems to be uncommon variations. For example, in Race A, you'll be racing on the East layout of Suzuka.

GT Sport GT86 1
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TIME TO RACE: You'll be in the GT86 or a BRZ for Race A this week!

You've been provided with two vehicles to race in for Race A, and these are the Subaru BRZ and the Toyota GT86.

You'll be here for 7 laps of racing, and on Sports Hard tyres. The race will start from a grid and both fuel and tyre use are turned off.

Race B

For the second race this week, you're jetting off to Dragon Trail Seaside circuit, which doesn't sound odd at all. However, you'll be racing on the reverse version of the circuit.

GT Sport Gr. 3 3
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THE USUAL CULPRETS: Race B takes place using Group 3 vehicles!

You'll be here in a Group 3 car of your choice, as it has to be a garage car, one that you already own.

Finally, you're here for 4 laps on racing Medium tyres, from a rolling start, and both fuel and tyre use are turned off again.

Race C

You're final race this week takes place at Autopolis International Racing Course, where you'll be for 10 laps.

GT Sport Gr. 4 1
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GROUP 4: These vehicles lead to some pretty close racing!

You'll be here in Group 4 race cars, which should make for some interesting racing given the BOP changes earlier this year.

Couple that with a compulsory stop to use both Racing medium and soft tyres, 3x fuel use and 6 x tyres use, and the race is shaping up to be a good one!

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