GT Sport Daily Races 23 August: Mazdas, Dragons, and Gr.3

It's a new week, which means a trio of new GT Sport Daily Races!

While sim racers everywhere wait for Gran Turismo 7, these Daily Races provide a great opportunity to compete against others and hone your skills behind the wheel.

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What do player get this week?

Race A


The first race of the week takes us to the Kyoto Driving Park. We'll be racing 8 laps of the Miyabi layout in the Mazda N200, a specially provided car if you don't already have one.

GT sport kyoto driving park
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AN OLD FRIEND: It doesn't matter what layout, Kyoto is always fun

This race forces Medium Sports tyres, a weak slipstream and low off-track slowing for drivers. It also comes with a grid start so you can make up plenty of places with some good reactions.

Race B

Dragon Trail - Gardens II - 4 Laps

Race B sees us head to Dragon Trail for a 4 lap Gr.4 race. You'll get to pick any car in your garage, so make sure to have a favourite.

GT sport dragon trail
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STUNNING: Dragon Trail always has spectacular views as well as racing

You'll need Medium Racing tyres, and there will be a rolling start so make sure you are prepared to get going or you will quickly be at the back!

Race C

Circuit de Sainte-Croix - A II - 6 Laps

Finally, Race C takes us to Circuit de Sainte-Croix and its A-II layout for 6 laps. Racing in the awesome Gr.3 cars you'll be on the Hard Racing tyres for this one and don't need to make a pitstop to change them.

gt sport circuit de Sainte Croix
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WHICH WAY: With so many layouts it might be good to do some scouting before jumping into this one

However, to spice things up fuel consumption is set to 2x and tyre wear to 6x. This one also has a rolling start.

Which races will you be competing in this week?

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