GT Sport Daily Races: Fuji International Speedway, Spa-Francorchamps & more!

For Gran Turismo Sport fans, a new week means the exciting addition of some new Daily Races. After all, the wait for Gran Turismo 7 has just been extended...

The selection this week is an all-out thoroughbred racing variety, in some awesome machinery on some awesome tracks.

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So, let's take a look at what races you'll be taking part in this week!

Race A

Race A is a German affair, as you'll be taking to the track in one of two Porsches provided for you. You'll be at Fuji International Speedway for 4 laps.

GT Sport Fuji IS
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FUJI: The International Speedway is an incredibly fast track, with a huge straight!

These are the 1995 911 Carrera RS ClubSport and 2009 911 GT3. BOP is turned on for this race.

Finally, you'll be using Sports Medium tyres and both tyre and fuel use are turned off. You'll be starting this race in a grid start.

Race B

For this next race you'll be somewhere that all racers dream of competing, the fabled Spa-Francorchamps for 3 laps. This time you'll be in a Gr. 4 garage car of your choice.

GT Sport Gr. 4 1
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GROUP 4: These cars may look like road-going vehicles, but they're far from it!

You'll be racing here on Racing Medium tyres, and the recent BoP changes will mean that you may be racing here in something a little different.

The race is a rolling start, and once again, both fuel and tyre use are turned off.

Race C

Finally, you'll be in for a long race at Circuit de la Sarthe for a whopping 6 laps. This time, you're in an awesome Gr. 1 garage car, and you'd be silly not to select an LMP1H vehicle.

GT Sport Gr1
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GROUP 1: These vehicle are racing monsters built for some crazy speed!

You have to use both Racing Hard and Racing Medium tyres, meaning a one-stop is mandatory for the race.

The race is a rolling start once again, with fuel use set at 2x and tyre use set at 7x.

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