GT Sport: Daily Races updated, Special Provisions & more!

As we approach Christmas Day, we have an early present!

Gran Turismo Sport has a new selection of Daily Races as an awesome early gift for us.

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Let's take a look at what races we can take part in this week!

Race A

Race A is at one of the GT Sport fan-favourites, Laguna Seca.

GT Sport Laguna Seca
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NEW TRACK: Laguna Seca is the newest track in the game!

This time, you'll be tackling Laguna Seca in either a 1983 Corolla Levin or a Sprinter Trueno.

The circuit is new for GT Sport, so you may be able to grab some nice results if you've driven the track before on a different title!

Race B

This is the most normal race this week and follows in typical Race B fashion.

Gt Sport Dragon Trail
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SEASIDE: You'll have some awesome views in Race B!

You will be using any GR.4 car of your choice, so be wise when selecting that vehicle.

For Race B this week you will be jetting off to Dragon Trail- Seaside for four laps. Get some practice in now in preparation!

Race C

For Race C, you will once again be provided with the necessary vehicle for the race.

Gt Sport Alsace
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BE CAREFUL: Alsace is a very unforgiving circuit!

This time, you'll be using any GR.1 car from the Jaguar XJR-9, Mazda 878B, Nissan R92CP, Porsche 962C and Sauber Mercedes C9.

Unfortunately, however, you won't be heading to a long-straights, wide circuit. Instead, you'll be in Alsace.

Thankfully, there's no need to pit this time, and you'll be there for ten nail-biting laps!

These Daily Races will be replaced on December 28.

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