GT7 Daily Races 4 July: Continental racing

It's 4 July, which means we are heading to America for the new set of GT7 Daily Races 4 July!

This week Polyphony is giving us races on three continents!

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Let's see what awaits in Sport Mode this week.

Race A

Watkins Glen - Short Course - 6 laps

The unranked race this week is a blast around the short course of the new Watkins Glen track.

GT7 Daily Races 4 July Race A
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This race is in road cars that are under 500 PP. It of course comes BoP off so you can tune your cars down to the maximum for this one.

Racers are limited to the Sports Hard tyres, with 1x fuel and tyre rates. Nitrous is prohibited, while mechanical damage and shortcut penalties are both set to light.

Race B

Interlagos - 6 laps

The first ranked race of the week takes us to Brazil and the awesome Interlagos track.

We've got 6 laps in Gr.4 cars, so be ready with your 155 Alfas to dominate this race.

GT7 Daily Races 4 July Race B
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Players will be on the Racing Hard tyre with 1x fuel & tyre rates. BoP is on, along with light mechanical damage and shortcut penalties.

The 16-car field uses a rolling start so be sure to get some qualifying laps in!

Race C

Nurburgring - GP - 10 laps

The final race of the week is a great one. 10 laps of the Nurburgring GP in Gr.3 cars.

Only the Racing Mediums are available from the dry tyre selection, and there is 6x fuel consumption and 5x tyre wear.

GT7 Daily Races 4 July Race C
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While there is no mandatory pitstop, getting 10 laps out of the mediums will be tough.

Once again there is a 16-car rolling start, along with light mechanical damage and shortcut penalties. There are also penalties for pit lane line cutting and collisions.

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