How to change driving controls on Gran Turismo 7

When driving, you need to make sure you're comfortable. The same applies to racing games as well, none more so than Gran Turismo 7.GT7 is a fantastic game and we really love playing it, but if you're not racing comfortably, the controls could be a big reason why.

So, how do you change the controller settings in GT7? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Getting off on the right foot

When you first boot up Gran Turismo 7, you'll be asked to choose the display settings, things such as frame rate, brightness, etc... You'll also be asked which controller settings you want to use. This will vary depending on whether you're using a controller or a wheel, but will still give you some different options.

Gran Turismo 7 Formula 1 f1 car
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DROPPED IN THE DEEP END: You'll need to choose your controller settings before even driving a car

There are some presets here, but you can change any button's use through the customised controller options. If you feel like this choice was wrong later on though, you aren't alone and you can change these settings.

Changing settings post-intro

The fact that you choose your controller settings before actually driving a car means that some people are bound to get it wrong. There is no correct controller layout, everybody has different preferences. There is a way to change these settings though, and it's easy to do so.

Gran Turismo 7 controls settings
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LET ME SHOW YOU THE WAY: Going down this road is the easiest to changing your controller settings post-intro

The easiest way to edit your controller settings to load a race, any race, doesn't matter which. Instead of hitting start, go over to the settings option in the middle of the screen. Then, go to controller settings. You can choose go with a preset of controls or go fully custom.

Gran Turismo 7 controls settings 2
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THE SETUP: You can edit your controller settings in here

You can go to customised settings and change every button on either the wheel or controller pad, depending on which you're using. Have a play with these and see what works best for you. Practice in some offline single player races and time trials before going online and seeing how you perform with these new settings.

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