How to change the Gran Turismo Sport measurement units

It seems fairly trivial, but the measurement units you use can affect your experience in Gran Turismo Sport. If you don't know how much distance you need to brake at 280 kph, but you do in mph, then it's important to stick to imperial units.

How do you change these though, and which options are available? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Imperial or Metric?

To access your options, you need to head to the GT submenu from the home menu screen. Options is the second option down the drop down menu from the top.

Gran Turismo Sport measurement units
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You'll then be brought to this screen and units is within the global options submenu. Select units by pressing X when the cursor is on it.

Gran Turismo Sport measurement units 1
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The game will then ask you whether you want to measure your speed and distances in miles or kilometres. Select which one you prefer and your settings will be updated.

Gran Turismo Sport measurement units 2
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Please note that this will only change the units within your HUD and won't change, for example, the HUD speedometer that you can see on the inside of the windscreen of your car. So, if you have a Japanese car and you want to see mph on the inside of the windscreen, this won't change that.

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