How to change to Automatic Gears in Gran Turismo Sport

Despite being a few years old now, Gran Turismo Sport is a game that we still play regularly. While we're waiting for Gran Turismo 7 to be released, GT Sport is plugging that gap.

One of the more important difficultly options to get right in GT Sport is your gearbox settings. How do you change these settings, though? And which is the best to use? We've got everything you need to know right here!

How to change gearbox settings

When you boot up Gran Turismo Sport for the first time, you'll be asked what gearbox settings you wish to use. You can always change your mind later down the line though, but finding out how to do so isn't as obvious as you'd think.

The easiest way to change your gearbox settings is to do so before starting a race. Let's say, for example, that you want to play a campaign race. From the home menu, select Campaign and then GT League.

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Then choose the race you'd like to take part in. Once the race has booted up, instead of beginning the contest, move the cursor over to Driving Options. Then, right at the top, you have the option to change the transmission i.e. the gearbox of the car.

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Your two options are Automatic (AT) and Manual (MT). Both do what they say on the tin, with Automatic gears changing up and down by the AI automatically and Manual gears having to be changed by the player.

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Which is better?

You're probably wondering which gearbox settings is better, manual or automatic. Well, the more challenging option is Manual, as you're constantly changing up or down gears while racing. Automatic is easier, but on a controller pad in particular, Manual can be a bit too challenging.

If you're wanting to go for an "authentic" experience, Manual is usually more realistic, as most cars are manuals. If you're using a wheel, flappy paddle is the most common transmission type for high-end sports cars. In GT Sport, this will translate to Manual gears.

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THE REAL FEEL: Automatic is a more authentic driver simulator experience in GT Sport

If you're wondering which is faster, then Manual is the best. As you can control the perfect time to shift up or down gears, this helps acceleration, stability and fuel consumption more than Automatic ever could. However, the potential for mistakes is much higher, and if you're not comfortable multitasking, you'll struggle with Manual transmission.

It's all about being comfortable at the end of the day, though. If you're challenged by the AI but can still regularly beat them with automatic gears, opt for that. No two players are the same, so make sure your driving settings are tailored to you in GT Sport.

Gran Turismo 7 trailer

GT7 is on the way! Despite the multiple delays to Polyphony's upcoming sim racer, we expect it to drop next year. Check out the latest trailer to get an idea of what to expect:

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