How to download your Scape photos Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 offers one of the best photo modes in gaming. Scapes can take you around the world to some of the best vistas you'll be able to find. Scapes' camera is one of the best in the business, but how do you download your photos?

Well, it's not as straightforward as many would hope, but there is a way.

Finding Scapes

Before you download your Scape photos, you first need to unlock this mode. To do so, you'll have to complete Menu Book No. 7 in the GT Cafe. This is the European Hot Hatches, where you'll need to collect the Mini Cooper S, Abarth 500 and the Polo GTI.

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Once you've done so, the Scapes mode will be unlocked and be on the left side of the GT World map.

Taking pictures

Head over to the Scapes tile in the GT World Menu and press X to enter. From there, you can choose from over 2,500 Scapes around the world. Head into All Scapes and choose one you like the look of.

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Once it's loaded up, place your car where you want in the Scape. Take the photo and when you're happy with the result, save the photo to My Library.

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This is where the PlayStation part of this tutorial ends, and you'll need to head over to a web browser.

Download from the net

Go to and sign into your account. The account details will be the same as those you use to log in on PlayStation.

From there, you'll be able to download your Scape photos to any device you want and in full 1080p HD quality.

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