How to join friends in Gran Turismo 7

After years of waiting, Gran Turismo 7 was finally launched last week! We gave the game a very positive review, as GT7 has got the Real Driving Simulator back on track. One of the most improved aspects of the game is its online multiplayer, which has become far more social than in previous titles.

But how do you find and play against your friends in GT7? We've got the complete guide right here!

Unlocking and finding multiplayer

Gran Turismo 7 doesn't allow you to jump into the game and hop onto its online multiplayer straight away. Instead, you need to complete book number nine in the Cafe, which will unlock multiplayer. To be able to play alongside your friends as well, you'll need a PS+ Membership.

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ON THE WAY: It's not difficult to play against your friends in GT7

You can race against your friends in the Sport mode, but this is a lottery. However, you can increase the odds of you finding them if you have a similar "Sport" driver ratings and are located in the same region of the world. If this isn't the case though, you'll have very slim odds of finding them.

There however, another way. The multiplayer mode allows you to create your own room, so doing so lets friends find you. There is no invite function in GT7, but your friends can find your room more easily by searching for a lobby and ticking "show only friends lobbies". Unless they have a very long friends list, they should find yours easily.

And that's it, once your friends have joined, you create the races and hit the track.

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