How to upgrade your car in Gran Turismo Sport

Buying cars is important in Gran Turismo Sport, but upgrading them is key to success in the game.

Our comprehensive guide will show you how to improve your ride and what is available to you to upgrade cars.


When it comes to upgrading your car, not much has changed in recent Gran Turismo games. You first need to go to your garage, which can be found using the toolbar in the home menu.

You'll then have a full list of every car that you own and can choose any that you wish to upgrade. You can sort these using name, manufacturer or other metrics that you wish.

GT Sport garage
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THE COLLECTION: You'll need to navigate to this screen where you can choose your ride

Once you've selected your car, you must hit the button "change car" to have that vehicle active. Once you're in, you'll then need to go to the "car settings" tab, which is displayed as a spanner icon.

From there, you'll be taken to the below screen, where you can delve into the details of what makes your car tick. There's a huge amount on offer here to change how your ride performs, but it's pretty self-explanatory.

GT Sport dodge hellcat muscle car upgrade
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THE BELLY OF THE BEAST: You can see all the inner workings of your car from this screen

If you prefer to learn visually, though, there's a handy video which Trucking Tips has uploaded to YouTube to show you how to upgrade your car in GT Sport:

Which upgrades are available?

There are far too many customisation options in Gran Turismo Sport to list here. In general, though, if you can think of it, you can change it in GT Sport.

For the Road setting of the car alone (there's other configurations such as drift and dirt available too) there's the follow categories open to change:

  • Traction Control
  • Tires (tyres)
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Aerodynamics
  • Drivetrain
  • Transmission

Within these as well, there are more sub-categories too. Depending on the car as well, there can be more or less of these choices available.

Tuning is just as important in GT Sport and if you want to find out how to go about that, we've got a tutorial for tuning too.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is the upcoming GT game and will be Polyphony's first foray onto the PS5. Unfortunately, GT7 has been delayed until 2022, so we won't be seeing the king of sims on PS5 for at least another year.

Let's relive the announcement trailer from 2020 to give us a hint of what to expect next year!

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