GTA 5 Update: Title Update 1.53 patch notes

Usually GTA 5 updates are reserved for Thursdays and the GTA Online weekly update.

However, Rockstar has dropped a patch on their beloved game out of nowhere today.

GTA V update

This update, which has landed on Xbox, PS4, and PC, comes in at 6.7 GB (On Xbox Series X), which is rather massive for an unannounced update.

However, reports have it as just 300MB on Steam and 558.9MB on PlayStation.

GTA Online Weekly Update TN 2
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INCOMING: Is next-gen GTA coming sooner than we think?

This indicates that while Rockstar wanted to rollout a quick fix for something, they have also taken the opportunity to lay the groundwork for GTA V on next-gen.

There are currently no patch notes or accompanying info from Rockstar, who usually reveal the details in the afternoon. So stay posted for an update!

Title Update 1.53 patch notes


  • Pariah Spoiler bug has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in incorrect button prompts in the Japanese SKU when opening the safe on the Cayo Perico Heist finale


  • Performance on Cayo Perico has been improved
  • Hack minigame video resolution has been reduced from 1080p to 720p to reduce the frequency of game crashing, when hack minigame starts
  • The glasses of one of the DJs have been updated

GTA Online weekly update

The most recent GTA Online weekly update saw the Squaddie from Cayo Perico enter Los Santos for the first time.

It also contained a new podium car, the Armoured Paragon R, along with plenty of discounts and some new time trials.

squaddie gta online
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BRING THE CREW: The Squaddie is great for heist prep

These deals will expire within the next 24 hours so be sure to take advantafe of them if you haven't already!

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