GTA Online: Manchez Scout bike now available in Los Santos!

The GTA Online weekly update has done it again.

After bringing the BF Weevil to the full game last week, this week sees an amazing bike hit Los Santos.

Manchez Scout

This awesome bike can now be added to your Los Santos garage for you to raise hell with.

The Manchez Scout is now available for $225,00 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

The description gives it a much better sell than we ever could!

ManchezScout GTA online
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PERFECT: For getting up to no good!

"Winner of this year's San Andreas Free Enterprise Awards, the Manchez Scout is the kind of innovation that's only possible when you convince the military industrial complex that the phrase "weapons-grade dirt bike" is a defense contract waiting to happen."

14 January GTA Online update

This week's update brings other elements of the amazing Cayo Perico heist to Los Santos.

The Pegassi Toreador the new Podium vehicle. That means the very lucky ones among us can get it for free from the Diamond Casino!

cayo perico sub
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STALKING THE SEAS: The Kosatka is the ultimate getaway car

The RO-86 Alkonost and Annihilator Stealth are both discounted for the next seven days.

Renovations to your Kosatka sub are also discounted.

Cayo Perico treasure chests

Just because you've pulled off the heist doesn't mean you are done with Cayo Perico.

There is treasure to be found on the island, but only if you have a keen eye, or this guide!

Our Cayo Perico treasure chest guide will help you uncover some amazing collectibles for your Los Santos life.

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