GTA Online Summer Update: Los Santos Tuners, Release date, content, DLC, & more!

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GTA Online fans are often spoiled for content, with weekly updates making sure there is always a new incentive to play the game.

Well, now players have even more to look forward to, with a big Summer update on the way as the wait for GTA 6 lengthens!

So, with the cat now out of the bag, let's take a look at the next big update coming to Los Santos now!

Latest News - Update now LIVE

The Los Santos Tuners update has arrived in GTA Online, with console players suggesting an update size of between 3.5 and 3.6 GB.

The new update comes with a plethora of vehicles for you to purchase, new auto shops, a new music player, and more for fans of the car scene to enjoy!

Los Santos Tuners

Excitingly, a new tweet from Rockstar Games has revealed all when it comes to the summer update. Luckily for us, it's built with racing and cars in mind.

This new update will have a dedicated space for players to show off their vehicles, get racing, and plenty more.

No weekly update

As the excitement builds for the next BIG addition to Los Santos, the weekly update has been axed.

Don't worry, there are still discounts and more for you to try and use, but these are the same as last week's update.

Now, all eyes turn to Tuesday and the imminent arrival of some awesome new content...

Summer content

Firstly, we know that we're going to get various new ways to race, as well as a new safe haven for car meets away from griefers!

GTA Online Summer Update
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This will be great for the GTA Online car community, as there will be a dedicated space to show off their vehicles, and potentially even race them afterwards.

Who knows what else we may end up with! However, we can likely assume that it won't have as much new content for us as the Cayo Perico heist did. Especially seeing as we're building up to the enhanced, next-gen release!

Last year's update

Last year's update was very similar to how this one is shaping up, with a huge variety of vehicular content.

gta online go kart
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We ended up with a variety of new cars in the game, new races, an open-wheel race creator, and other features including diamond adversary modes.

We also received new co-op missions and Business Battles. Last year's update really did give us a lot of new content, hopefully this year's is the same!

What can we expect?

Unfortunately, and as we said before, it's unlikely that we'll receive as much content as we did with the Cayo Perico update, so don't expect another heist.

However, we can expect some exciting new vehicles, at the very least, to join the game. With this Summer update once again focussing strongly on vehicles and Los Santos' car scene, expect a plethora of cars.

We will also likely get a new mode or two to try our hands at, and potentially even a new circuit.

Release Date

It appears that the Summer update will be with us in circa two weeks, thanks to a tweet from the well-known GTA Online leaker, Tez2.

We now know the update comes with a release date of 20 July, so get ready!

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