GTA Online Weekly Update 27 May LIVE: New podium cars, discounts, time trials & more

It's Thursday, which means a new update is coming to GTA Online.

Rockstar packs these updates with huge discounts for cars and businesses, along with adding bonuses to activities and even the odd freebie.

So what is in store for players this week? Let's take a look!

Podium car

Head over to the Diamond Casino and see what you can win. This week the Big Wheel contains a Truffade Nero Custom.

Nero custom gta online
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SUPER CAR: This amazing beast is free, if you're lucky enough to get it!

Normally coming in at $605,000 from Benny's Original Motor Works, the Nero Custom looks the part and can be modded into a serious race car. Based off the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, it's a car every petrolhead will want.


There's a lot of awesome discounts this week. Let's take a look.

  • Declasse Scramjet - 35% off
  • Mammoth Thruster - 40% off
  • TM-02 Khanjali - 40% off
  • HVY Chernobog - 40% off
  • COil Rocket Voltic - 40% off
rocket voltic gta online
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HERE COMES TROUBLE: The Rocket Voltic is great fun, but can cause utter chaos
  • Mammoth Hydra - 40% off
  • Brute RCV - 40% off
  • Overflod Imorgon - 40% off
  • Pegassi Infernus Classic - 40% off
  • Grotti X80 Proto - 40% off
  • All Facilities - 40% off
  • Facilities renovations - 40% off
  • Mammoth Avenger - 35% off

Twitch Prime bonuses

Twitch Prime subscribers can get a few awesome bonuses above and beyond the usual discounts this week.

  • Karin Sultan Classic - 80% off
  • Mammoth Patriot Stretch - 80% off
  • Maxwell Vagrant - 60% off

Bonus GTA$ & RP activities

This week there is TRIPLE GTA$ & RP on Stunt Races! These races are always an enjoyable time, and even better with the whole crew involved.

There is still TRIPLE GTA$ & RP on Motor Wars Adversary Mode too, if you aren't sick of grinding them for cash yet.

There is also double GTA$ & RP on Simeon Contract Missions, so maybe it's time to answer the phone.

Time trial

This week's time trial is Observatory, which has a par time of 2:04.40.

RC Bandito time trial

This week's RC Bandito time trial is Construction Site I, which has a par time of 1:50.00.

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